HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: August 2021 MUSIC Festival

Showcase of the best DANCE SHORT FILMS in the world today.

Best Music Video: SUSHI
Best Cinematography: FAUTEUIL LIT
Best Direction: CORETTA
Best Sound & Music: BALLESTRA

Theme of night: Life

NOTE: Festival took place during the COVID-19 virus lockdown so all screenings were held in private.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterWE WILL KALEID – REVOKE, 4min., Germany, Music Video

festival posterCORETTA, 4min., USA, Music Video

festival posterCHERI MOON – AIN’T I A WOMAN, 6min., USA, Music Video

festival posterTHAT’S HOW I AM, 4min., Hungary, Music Video

festival posterSUSHI, 3min., Japan, Music Video

festival posterFAUTEUIL LIT, 5min., Ukraine, Music Video
festival posterBLINDED, 4min., USA, Music Video

festival posterJEFF HILLIARD – SILICONE WAVE, 4min., USA, Music Video

festival posterLOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO, 7min., USA, Music Video

festival posterBALLESTRA, 8min,. USA, Music Video/Dance

The beginning of a (temporary) new era.

See you at the festivals. Whenever that happens!

– Matthew Toffolo

By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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