Director Biography – Jen Guy Metcalf

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Jen Guy Metcalf (Director, Choreographer) holds a B.F.A. in Dance with a concentration in Ballet from Point Park University and an M.F.A. in Dance Choreography from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She performed with Bodiography Contemporary Ballet, Jacksonville Ballet Theatre, Greensboro Ballet, Playhouse Dance Company, The Kearns Dance Project, and for many independent choreographers. Jen is an Assistant Professor of Dance at Elon University where she teaches Ballet, Pointe and Dance for the Camera. She is the founder of TERRANOVA Dance Theatre in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her choreography and dance films have been presented in Europe, Canada and the US.


Director BIO: Anna Efimova (THEY TOLD ME)

Director Biography – Anna Efimova

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Born on march 6, 1981. Since spring 2017 is a creative executive of one of the major Russian  film companies ART PICTURES.

She started her career in Russian film industry as scriptwriter's agent and head of «Scripts»  program of Contemporary Film and Theatre festival “Textura” (2010 – 2014). The most  successful project of Anna as an agent has become feature film “Spitak” (2017), directed by  famous Russian director Alexander Kott and dedicated to Armenian earthquake of 1988.

For  the next five years she worked as a script consultant for several TV channels and film  companies. The most significant work for “SAGA film” company turned to be a participant of  main program in Rotterdam Film Festival 2018 – this is a film “Anna’s war”, directed by 67  Venice Film Festival prize winner Alexey Fedorchenko.
“They told me” is Anna’s debut as a director and a scriptwriter.

Suspension Short Film – Audience Feedback Film Oct. 2018 Experimental Festival

SUSPENSION, 2min., USA, Experimental
Directed by Neil Kendricks

An unseen protagonist is drawn to an enigmatic searchlight piercing the darkness in a lonely vigil for lost souls at sea.

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Experimental Festival Testimonial – October 10 2018

Camille Laloux

It was a very good experience, the way the team established a link and communication between the audience, the jury and artists is really valuable !

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VACUUM Short Film – Experimental Festival Sept. 2018

VACUUM, 5min, Switzerland, Dance
Directed by Philippe Saire

Based on the eponymous dance piece, Vacuum generates impossible images and fantastic paintings. An interplay of bodies appearing and disappearing between black holes and dazzling lights. This duo, third part in an ongoing series called Dispositifs (stage devices) in convergence with visual arts, explores further the visual perception of movement. The result is lyrical and inspiring, as it moves forward through the history of art, from Renaissance paintings to photographic development.

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2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Podcast – Films that Changed Cinema

WILDsound Festival

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It is crazy wild ride here on Matthew Toffolo and Kierston Drier’s journey through space, time and cinematic history. Come hop in their flying saucer today as they zip around the science-fiction wonder that is 2001: A space Odyssey.

WATCH NOW – Original Movie Trailer.

The Dawn of Man – Watch the famous scene from the movie.

I’m Sorry Dave – Watch the famous scene from the movie.

Highlight from the PODCAST:

3 Reasons why this is one of the most influential films of all time:

1) Most influential film for future filmmakers and film talent. So much of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY in future films.

– Elevated SCI-FI into the mainstream.

– Pioneer of visual effects

– The way filmmakers use music and score – epic

2) The Massive Scope

– Tells the entire evolution of man from limited apes…

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First Scene Screenplay Contest – Testimonial August 18 2018

First Scene Screenplay Festival


Opening sequences have always been so important to my enjoyment of any movie or tv show. So I’ve always paid close attention to how my own stories open and draw readers in. I thought that this was a very interesting festival because it would, very immediately, tell me if I’d drawn people in.

Possibly hearing my own words table read was also very cool to me. I’ve sat through a lot of table reads at work and I remember sitting through one of the first ones thinking just how awesome and surreal it would be to hear my own words read by talented actors. It was definitely something that I put on my Writer’s Bucket List.

The feedback I received was wonderful. You spend so much time with your stories, it’s always so refreshing to have someone else hold up a mirror to them. The feedback…

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