HIGHLIGHTS: April 2023 DANCE Festival

Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today.

Audience Award Winners:
Best Short Form Short Film: THE SNOW MIGRANT
Best Long Form Short Film: in memoriam.
Best Story: THICK SKIN
Best Performances: FLIGHT
Best Cinematography: MERMAIDS
Best First Time Filmmakers Film: VIVIDREAM
Best Editing: PLAY/REPEAT

Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film:

Directed by Claudia Jeanne Esslinger
The (Snow) Migrant uses humor and metaphor to explore our changing climate. A performer in a red kayak is drawn onto deep snow by a darkly clad figure. Left alone, she struggles with the vessel and imagines paddling away. Eventually she is subsumed in rising waters.


WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

THICK SKIN, 3min., Columbia, Dance
Directed by Laura Steiner
To be able to live in Bogotá, you need a skin than can adapt, that can turn reptilian when it doesn’t stop raining for weeks and that can go soft when the woman in the corner shop gives you a free morning coffee. Thick Skin is a dance film that takes the viewer through the Colombian capital high above the Andes with stylized movement that speaks of life in the bustling city.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

MERMAIDS, 15min., France, Dance
Directed by Pierre Bessette
On a trip to the Chilean Patagonia, two friends, dancers, head into the wide-open natural spaces, diving deep into the self. During this voyage a Selknam voice is heard, revived from time immemorial, leading to a choreographic flight, an initiatory journey, a metamorphosis.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

FLIGHT, 10min., USA, Dance
Directed by Loretta Thomas
Flight is a film about flight from danger, the toll this can take on people and yet there can still be hope and peace in the end.


WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

ENDURANCE, 11min., France, Dance
Directed by Imre van Opstal
‘Whether it’s running a marathon, climbing a mountain, or simply making it through a difficult day, endurance is what enables people to persist and succeed. Without it, people would give up at the first sign of difficulty.


WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

PLAY/REPEAT, 8min., Estonia, Dance
Directed by Carlos E. Lesmes
There is a couple. Two bodies. Two beings. 1+1. Sometimes it feels like only one. This film piece wants to explore aspects of a relationship through movement, through the bodies of the performers. The unfathomable distance between two people. Broke but never broken.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

VIVIDREAM, 10min., Denmark, Dance
Directed by Matteo Di Loreto
Between dream and reality a girl finds herself in the audience of a theatre (Royal Danish Theatre) to find out there are other people there with her. While events between the dancers unfold, a voice guides them on a journey of surreality where the relation between the audience and the stage is connected by a subtle veil.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

in memoriam., 30min,. USA, Dance/Experimental
Directed by S. Asher Gelman
Like rooms of a home, we live in rooms of our lives; trapping moments and memories to the subtle things surrounding us. In the home of our mind, we repeat the past to move on into the future. This 30 minute dance for film was shot in one take, to explore the memories sewing our rooms together and how we choose to step outside or stay recessed in our past.


WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

CANNIBALIZING THE CONDUCTOR, 30min., Austria/Germany, Documentary

Directed by Derek Howard, Emma W. Howes, Justin F Kennedy
Cannibalizing the Conductor is a hybrid film that combines dance with narrative and documentary filmmaking techniques to encourage deep observation of trance. Upheld for an extended duration, a group of performers improvise in various lucid
states that are altered by imaginative, movement and vocal-based tasks. Each performer moves and is moved by the camera. Interacting with each other and the camera itself, they engage with the filmic gaze to celebrate their own agency, while disrupting the monocular focus of the camera lens. They get out of their own way to channel newly uncovered knowledge through the forms of music, dance, sound, and ultimately the eye of the camera.


WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!


By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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