Showcase of the best Experimental Films from 2021.

Best Film: MEDEA
Best Direction: KHORA
Best Sound & Music: SUBSTANCE
Best Cinematography: GUARDIANS OF PARADISE
Best Performances: Tentacle Head

Watch the Audience Feedback Videos for each film:

GUARDIANS OF PARADISE, 12min., Switzerland, Experimental Documentary

Directed by Ivan Maria Friedman

An intimate glance into the Burmese life and culture in the months preceding the 2021 military coup. A meditation on Freedom & Peace to support the People of Myanmar in their painful struggle towards self-determination and a more equal society.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video.

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TENTACLE HEAD, 30min., UK, Experimental Drama

Directed by Nasir Simmons, Lillianna Johnson

A homeless teen with tentacles on his head struggles to survive on the streets of a cold, strange, industrial dystopian city with the help of a kind homeless woman who aids him in defining his identity for himself.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video.

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SUBSTANCE, 3min., Russia, Experimental Poetry

Directed by Nina Marinov

Exploration of movement as a blend of poetry, music, dance, and montage inspired by T.S.Eliot’s Four Quartets.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video.

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KHORA, 15min., Turkey, Psychological Drama

Directed by Nalan Abbasoglu

One day in Khora is the period when two people realize what is happening to them when their boundaries become permeable. One exists in the eyes of the other, the other lives in the one who she wants to be. Two people are different faces of the object in the cycle in which the boundaries with life are broken along with what happened to a woman during her adulthood. The thin line between love and hate has become the emptiness of existence, and this is where rebirth begins. Is true love possible for a person who has to lose herself until she finds it?

Watch the Audience Feedback Video.

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MEDEA, 26min., USA, Fantasy Experimental

Directed by Andronica Marquis

Medea, a sorceress, having sailed from her homeland and born a son to her lover, Jason, waits for him to fulfill his promise of marriage. She takes emotional refuge in caring for their baby, but the strain of her ebbing faith takes its toll. When his betrayal is clear, she discards the role she embraced for love and remembers who she is. She reclaims her power, conjuring a potion that destroys Jason’s ambitions. Finally, she confronts him with the consequences of his tragic betrayal: the sacrifice of their family.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video.

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By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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