Watch Short Film: THE BOX (Dir. Geena Matuson)


Geenamatuson thebox 05 vertA girl is trapped in a box – or, is she? This 16mm/HD, surrealist short follows Luna as she listlessly travels through different environments, trying to find a way out of ‘the box’ in which she is trapped. However, this dreamlike journey takes the girl in a circle, one door simply leading to another – does she truly find her way out?

The experimental 16mm film/HDV short ‘The Box’ is a silent film featuring original music by Geena Matuson and works of John Cage. All double-exposure for this film was done in-camera.

Director Biography

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Geena Matuson is The Girl Mirage, award-winning Multimedia Director and Digital Producer with a background in marketing and communications, writing, new media and traditional arts. 
A deep interest in semiotics and psychology, Geena’s personal work often evokes a sense of synaesthesia, and even a sense of humor.

Largely an auditory learner, sound and rhythm play a central role, and a focus on symbolism and dreams add to the experimental and often surreal nature carried throughout the body of her work, creating a holistic experience.

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Director Statement

“My work focuses on the concept of time, human psychology, and the dream state – reality versus surreality – and, through these ideas, a commentary on society and social structure.”

– Geena Matuson


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Festival occurs 4 times a year. Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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