Watch Short Film: MECHANIZATION (Dir. Vrishub Merai)

Directed by Vrishub Merai


Watch Music Video: Elements – Krimson (Official Music Video) Kodiak, Alaska

Elements – Krimson (Official Music Video) exclusively filmed on Kodiak, Alaska
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Watch Music Video Film: 100% – Lost Youth


100stillsLost Youth was the debut single from the 12” release “You are 100%” via Moontown Records.

Shoot was between 2 cameras to created a hall of mirrors effect in a washed colour glow across the band members. The video was the product of Helena’s direction to create a current nostalgia through lights, angles and smoke machines.

Director Biography

Helena papageorgiou

Helena Papageorgiou is a video producer, illustrator and animator. Helena’s music videos incorporate various stylistic mediums to convey a sense of visual immersement. Combining these allows for a visual metamorphosis, condensation of form and meaning.

Helena is interested in exploring this in her music video production and animation which integrates mu


Watch Short Film: Sequence/Orpheus



Directed by Seth Grimgart

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Bacch2Orpheus is pursued by the followers of Bacchus, but they pause to sing the praises of the god of wine.

The centerpiece of this film is a live performance of a scene from the 1607 edition of the libretto for Monteverdi’s “L’Orfeo” (no music extant). It has been enhanced with studio and location video, archival performance art footage, a percussion track and old 78s of Greek tavern songs. Introducing this eventually evolved into a TV show which became part of the sequence. The clown at the beginning (demonstrating the “clown turn”) is from the live show. Clowning, transvestitism and crude humor appeared in Monteverdi’s works (pre-figuring Commedia dell’Arte) often extraneous to the plot. All of this is an attempt to capture the spirit of Venetian opera of the era,

Director Biography

Director 3.01 46 16 24.still003

Born in town of “Two Egg” on the Florida panhandle; educated sporadically at Tulane and FSU before heading north during the great radical migration. In New York, worked as artist (storyboards for ad agencies), actor (Manhattan Theatre Club, La Mama,etc., NJ Shakespeare Festival, Judson Poets, PBS TV, WBAI radio, summer stock etc.) Original works at the Public Theatre and under the auspices of Composers Collaborative, Inc and The Genesius Guild. Long running Village variety series “Ave. A Conspiracy” which the Voice called “…a lower east side vaudevillian extravaganza…” and termed Grimgart “the prince of perversion himself.”

Director Statement

Creating video is a realization. Clips are objects to assemble in a design on the screen like a collage. Images overlap, sounds blend and the real story emerges. Of course, it takes real writing, real camerawork and real acting to get that all that started.

Watch Music Video: GENTS – I Wanna Be Free

Taken from debut album ‘About Time’ out now via The Big Oil Recording Company. Stream:

Music by GENTS

Written and directed: Rasmus K. Petersen
Cinematography: Carl August Jansson
Producer: Robin Hounisen
Production design: Ane Cornelia Pade
Editor and effects: Oliver Jeppe Hagde
Make-up artist: Nadja Sanimuinaq Hansen
Assistent camera: Mads Elsass
Production design assistents: Jamilla Mahmoud Henriques & Lucille Groos
1AD: Sarah Jane Redmond

Esther Oxfeldt
Abel Nørgaard Dalum
Niels Wendelboe
Zelma Feldman Lewerissa
Alba Akvama Hoffmeyer
Camille Linnea
Adrian Cadan
Gustav Frich
Daniel Shamitha Bendtsen
Trygve Bechsgaard
Lucille Groos
Skjold Rambow
Bo Hollenberg Jørgensen
Ludvig Brostrup
Nina Terese Rask
Ida Sandgren
Oskar Sandgren
Emma Marott
Kirstine Siegumfeldt
Nikolai Østenlund
Marie Reuther

Big thanks to:
Autonorden A/S
Roskilde Kommune
Bo Hollenberg Jørgensen
Musikteateret Albertslund
Dragon City
Martin Paarup Hansen
Brian Raaby Andersen
Péter Becz
Mevlüt Yilmaz
Andrea Therese Kaaber
Tashrifa Mahmoud
Ved Amagerport 7

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Watch Short Film: PARADOX (dir. Szimonetta Szalai)

Tegla1It is an experimental film about duration, rotation, reflects a dual feeling of calmness and frustration while watching the film

Director Biography

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Szimonetta was born in Hungary in 1996. She went to study multimedia design abroad and also spent a semester studying at the University of Worcester. There she studied combined courses, such as film production and graphic design. During her time at the English university she produced Paradox as one of the projects. She travelled to Ukraine to make the film happen.

Director Statement

You are never too young to start filming.

Wach Short Film: DOUBLE A (dir. Evguenia Men)

 PASSWORD:  Kongich 1
Poster for a film double aDouble A- AA- Anxiety Attack
The camera lens is able to give a visible expression of feelings that are often impossible to articulate. This short film is an attempt to use sensory imagery to explore and reflect the world of distorted reality brought on by an anxiety attack. A crippling bout of anxiety can strike at any time and without warning, and can change the way one views the world in profound ways. Anxiety alters attention and consciousness, twisting reality into a grotesque, emotionally charged image. To the anxious, the world is an unhappy place of stifling emptiness and persistent disorientation were ordinary things no longer make sense, and the universe is governed by some hostile alien logic. This is a bleak chronicle of an inward journey into that disquieting world.

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