Director Biography – Haddon Kime (LAG: A ZOOMSICAL COMEDY)

Haddon is both a performing songwriter and composer. He currently lives in Atlanta with his wife and daughter. He is making his directorial debut with “Lag: A Zoomsical Comedy.” From the Mauretanien rhythms and instrumentation of the award-winning short film “Trail of Hope”, to the Celtic Rock Pop and Soul based songs of “The Snow… Continue reading Director Biography – Haddon Kime (LAG: A ZOOMSICAL COMEDY)

Short Film: LAG: A ZOOMSICAL COMEDY, 10min, USA, Musical

  During the COVID-19 Crisis, a class on meditation and self-care has made the move to Zoom. Four students and an instructor bravely attempt to attain inner peace in this new online classroom beset with all the distractions and frustrations of our new normal. Will they overcome glitchy technology, and the deep fear of losing… Continue reading Short Film: LAG: A ZOOMSICAL COMEDY, 10min, USA, Musical

Short Film: THE REST OF MY DAYS, 4min., Animation/Experimental

An intoxicating music and a sequence shot to dance to, unplug and get away from it all ! Plunge yourself in full immersion into this timeless universe, let yourself be carried away by the electro-hypnotic dance steps of this captivating character and this bewitching heady sound.   Project Links  Website

Director Biography – Dimegaz (ROCK COUNTRY)

Janire Etxabe since an early age has been climbing “dressed in white” mountains, almost always her rope as a her companion. Her passions being rocks and rope, she spends most of her time climbing and dancind with her rope. Although for years she has received classes in flamenco and stylized dance, since 2017 she has… Continue reading Director Biography – Dimegaz (ROCK COUNTRY)

Short Film: ROCK COUNTRY, 7min., Spain, Dance

  The aesthetics and spectacular nature of vertical dance, set in a quarry, a place destroyed by humankind. The beauty of dance substitutes the crudeness of the rock. Attention is focused upon the figure of a woman, demanding a leading role –as is happening in today’s society–. Women that dance, women that climb, women that… Continue reading Short Film: ROCK COUNTRY, 7min., Spain, Dance

Short Film: MENTAL, 4min., USA, Music

I couldn’t help but notice how much this lockdown affects life in iconic places of LA which we will never see like this anytime soon. This short film is about incredible views of deserted landmarks such as Hollywood Blvd, Venice , DTLA … and many more. More than shots there’s also a creative story and… Continue reading Short Film: MENTAL, 4min., USA, Music

Director Biography – Xueyan Wang (GAKU)

Xueyan Wang is a 2D and stop motion animator based in Brooklyn, NY. They work with analogue materials, primarily dry media (charcoal, pen, conte) and clay. They received their MFA degree in animation from Pratt Institute in 2020 with partial scholarship. Blending their fine art background in drawing into animated filmmaking, Xueyan creates music-driven impressionistic… Continue reading Director Biography – Xueyan Wang (GAKU)

Short Film: DIVIDED WE SCROLL, 5min., UK, Dance/Experimental

Technology is rewiring our brains and changing both our physical movements and inner thought processing. ‘Divided We Scroll’ is an experimental and eerie depiction of our intimate relationships with these technologies, which have become obsessive, compulsive and divisive. Through contemporary dance, we explore the chilling reality of a constantly connected world where data and software… Continue reading Short Film: DIVIDED WE SCROLL, 5min., UK, Dance/Experimental

Director Biography – Andreas John (FORGET ME NOT)

I am a contemplative artist, inviting the work in my hands to move through me. I co-create with landscape, environment, the elements, and all aspects of nature as a sculptor, photographer and film maker. Director Statement Forget Me Not was filmed solo, improvised, in one location over the course of 2 consecutive evenings. There was… Continue reading Director Biography – Andreas John (FORGET ME NOT)