May 2019 Winning Films

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festival posterTHE BROTHER, 4min., UK, LGBT/Comedy

festival posterTHE NOISE OF THE LIGHT, 23min., France, Sci-Fi

festival posterBLOODBURN, 7min., Netherlands, Crime/Thriller

festival posterTHE PETITION IN BOOTS, 5min., USA, Documentary/Animation



Producer/Director: Matthew Toffolo

Festival Moderators: Matthew Toffolo, Rachel Elder

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editors: Kimberly Villarruel, Kyle Drier, John Johnson

Festival Directors: Rachel Elder, Natasha Levy

Camera Operators: Denissa Palmer, Temitope Akinterinwa, Efren Zapata, Zack Arch


Short Film: FEEL REBORN HERE, 2min., France, Dance

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Imagine a place where landscapes and feelings make you want to discover yourself, explore your surroundings, a place where you wish to reveal your inner self, leave the world behind and where you could live according to your true nature . With their energy and their grace, dancers express this urge to imagine a different way to see the world.

  • Film Type:
    Experimental, Television, Web / New Media
  • Runtime:
    1 minute 56 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 16, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    55,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:

Director Biography – Sasha Chudacoff (MINE)

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Sasha Chudacoff has spent her life training in many dance/movement disciplines and approaches. As a community based, multidisciplinary dance artist, she explores body and land through dance, film and photography. Sasha finds inspiration in physical images, touch, somatic dance practices, Butoh, and the spirit of place. Integrating dance practices for all bodies has been a focus within her career in dance education and performance. As a culturally competent dance educator and artist, Sasha seeks and explores the larger social inequalities and privileges that shape the human experience and the natural world. As a lifelong practice, she is dedicated to exploring own personal biases and how they influence perceptions of social and environmental inequalities. Sasha is an MFA candidate in Interdisciplinary Arts and Education at Goddard College. A transplant from the Bay area to Colorado, she is currently a teaching artist at the Crested Butte School of Dance and Crested Butte Dance Collective.

Director Statement

My work explores the theater of life, the natural world, beauty and the dance of darkness. Of Russian, Jewish heritage, I am committed to being a multicultural advocate and arts activist. Using art as a tool for social change, creative inquiry and problem solving inspires me. Currently, I make culturally relevant and environmental dance works in my rural community in CO. For over a decade, my fascination and research has been with the body and the land through dance, photography and film. Through community- based dance projects and dance education, I investigate ideas in navigating meaning, creative inquiry, complexities, paradox, environmental activism and social justice.

Short Film: MINE, 8min., USA, Dance

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A dance and music collaboration between sisters exploring a coal mining site from the 1920’s where an iconic structure called the Gronk still stands. Body based dance research and song writing were translated based on the mining history of this place. The sisters collected stories and myths on Peanut and Pershing Mine from elders in Crested Butte, CO. Sasha developed gestures and movement themes from the mining stories and Sophia created lyrics and music. The Gronk overlooks spectacular views of Paradise Divide in the West Elk mountain range. The sights are beautiful and popular for outdoor recreation; however sadly still toxic. The land has only partially recuperated from destruction. Mosses are the first step in ecological restoration of toxic mine sites. Very few mosses are growing here. After land violence, how is spirit of place honored?

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Short Film: HAPPY ENDING, 4min., Australia, Dance

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In 1997 magician/psychic, Uri Geller tried to help Second Division football club Exeter City win a crucial end of season game by placing “energy-infused” crystals behind the goals at Exeter’s ground (Exeter lost the game 5–1). Although made famous by his spoon-bending theatrics throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, Geller was unable however to ever successfully bend a fork.

Both the convex and concave complexity of the bent spoon is explored as a reflection of the duplicitous ambiguity of Geller; the fine line between artist and conman in a post-truth world.

Well, something like that.

Short Film: WEIGHTLESS, 5min., Canada, Dance

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What happens when we allow ourselves to shift perspectives? When we defy established concepts such as “direction”? Perhaps, just perhaps, up is not up, and we need to look down.
Weightless is an invitation to create an alternative reality. To imagine a world where the rules we believe unbreakable are simply an option. We invite you to get lost in your thoughts and the satisfaction of defying our most established understandings.

Director Biography – Thubalethu Ndibali (UHAMBO)

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Thubalethu Ndibali is an award winning director, with his introduction short film “UPHAWU” at Film it and Show it Festival in Sydney. He recently just finished his Bachelor in Dance and has been heavily involved in many projects this year. Born in Zimbabwe where his love for dance was slowly growing when he arrived in Australia in 2008, he continued his journey to become a dancer, by constantly doing videos, performing in various places.


Director Statement


The film is a highlight of my culture through medium of film and my journey back to Zimbabwe after 10 years. It was an experience to remember