Short Film: MENTAL, 4min., USA, Music

I couldn’t help but notice how much this lockdown affects life in iconic places of LA which we will never see like this anytime soon. This short film is about incredible views of deserted landmarks such as Hollywood Blvd, Venice , DTLA … and many more. More than shots there’s also a creative story and… Continue reading Short Film: MENTAL, 4min., USA, Music

Short Film: STAY INSIDE, 3min, Canada, Music

A fun coronavirus parody based on the song “Stand By Me”. Project Links  Website   Project Type: Music Video Runtime: 2 minutes 54 seconds Completion Date: June 16, 2020 Production Budget: 0 USD Country of Origin: Canada Country of Filming: Canada Language: English Shooting Format: Digital Film Color: Color

Short Film: UNEXPLAINABLE SUBSTANCE, 5min., Ukraine, Music

Mister Governor couldn’t even imagine how thoroughly she has been preparing for him to pay a visit. A total reimagining of Franz Kafka’s creation “The Metamorphosis”, inspired by the music of Gibkiy Chaplin. Project Type: Experimental, Music Video, Short Genres: Experimental, Avantgarde, Music, Surrealism, Musical Runtime: 5 minutes 41 seconds Completion Date: December 9, 2019… Continue reading Short Film: UNEXPLAINABLE SUBSTANCE, 5min., Ukraine, Music


  From the inception of a musical idea, through the recording process and live performance, this short documentary tells the story of Jeff Pifher and his band Socrates’ Trial and their idea of what jazz can be today. Project Links  Website  Facebook

Short Film: UNDER THE WATERFALL – THE AVENER, 3min., France, Music

    This video clip shows an explosive passion between two lovers, punctuated by an elegant and a contemporary choreography in the streets of Paris where buildings are changing into real waterfalls. It is an hymn to love that uses the metaphor of water for its fluidity and storms. Director – Sebastien Caudron

Short Film: SEARCHING FOR WONDER, 6min., USA, Music

Searching for Wonder was inspired by conversations with fellow artists who have diverse relationships to the African Diaspora. These discussions highlighted how we all feel lost in different ways, because history, slavery, colonialism & fear have left many of us feeling disconnected, searching for something we can’t fully articulate. Searching for Wonder deals with the… Continue reading Short Film: SEARCHING FOR WONDER, 6min., USA, Music

Short Film: WHEN EARTH TOOK A BREATH, 5min., USA, Music

Ora The Molecule’s “When Earth Took A Breath (Are You There?)” depicts our relationship with the natural world. Filmed with a full spectrum camera, plants and trees appear in unfamiliar colours – the sea of red pulsating like alarm bells as we’re reminded of our planet’s climate and biodiversity emergency.