Short Film: Eldur Á Himni – Fire in the Sky, 7min., Iceland, Experimental

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Buckle up for compelling, fast images of the magnificent Northern Light shot in Iceland over the winter.

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Director Biography – Burke Heffner (LEADING ME STRAIGHT)

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Burke Heffner’s stills and motion work have appeared at The Sundance Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival, as well as in LA Times, Village Voice, Timeout New York,, and more. When he’s not creating visual poetry for TV, commercials, and music videos, he enjoys long walks in the woods of New York with his chihuahua, Niney.

Short Film: LEADING ME STRAIGHT, 8min., USA, Music Video

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In a dystopian and colorless universe nobody dreams, and nobody wins. Emotions are useless, as are abundant thoughts. A hive with marked paths to serve an unnamed queen.

He saw her. He touched her. She was the only one to break him from years of mechanic and automatic routine, if only for a flash. Where will that lead him? Straight to a new understanding, or straight back to hell?

HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: Experimental & Music & Dance Festival – September 5, 2019


Them of night: “Transformation”

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterBLACK LIVES MATTER, 9min., USA, Experimental

festival posterDANCE WITH DEATH, 6min., USA, Experimental

festival posterEMERGENCE, 5min., USA, Dance

festival posterFLORETS, 4min., USA, Music Video

festival posterGEOMETRY, 2min., USA, Experimental

festival posterPASSAGE, 2min., Australia, Animation/Experimental

festival posterRANGWANG, 6min., Canada, Experimental

festival posterREDEMPTION, 7min., USA, Experimental

festival posterTHANATOS, 6min., USA, Music Video

festival posterTHE SHE IN ME, 3min., France, Music Video

festival posterTOO MANY BODIES, 6min., USA, Music Video

festival posterUFO, 4min., Belgium, Music Video

festival posterUNREMEDIED, 2min., USA, Dance

festival posterABSOLUTION, 7min, USA, Dance

The 9th event of the Los Angeles festivals in 2019.
3 more festivals to go in LA this year.

See you at the festivals.

– Matthew Toffolo

Absolution Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Sept. 2019 Experimental Festival in LA

ABSOLUTION, 7min, USA, Dance

Directed by Stirling Matheson & Sarah Farnsley

The House of the Rising Sun is a place of transition in music and folklore. It’s a purgatory where travelers, vagabonds, and lost souls cross paths before continuing toward their life after. Absolution is a snapshot of that purgatory, that waiting room, where souls must accept the regrets and disappointments in their lives before they can cross over. Personal struggles are highlighted in duets and solos throughout the piece. Some remorse is too difficult to let go, though, and while many find reprieve from their sins and escape the cycle of self-recrimination, others are doomed to stay and repeat it.

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Unremedied Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Sept. 2019 Experimental Festival in LA

UNREMEDIED, 2min., USA, Dance

Directed by Alayna Jennings

Sexual harassment is an epidemic.

I wrote this piece as a way to relieve the screams I felt suppressed in my own skin.

I created this work for anyone who felt they were hiding in their bones too.

We can not silence the monsters of our society by hiding them,
under beds they grow and maintain.

We must put light to our demons, only then can we truly discover what it means to remedy.

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UFO Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Sept. 2019 Experimental Festival in LA

UFO, 4min., Belgium, Music Video

Directed by Kevin Meul

Boy meets girl. He turns out to be an alien.

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