Short Film: SEARCHING FOR WONDER, 6min., USA, Music

7937360b00 posterSearching for Wonder was inspired by conversations with fellow artists who have diverse relationships to the African Diaspora. These discussions highlighted how we all feel lost in different ways, because history, slavery, colonialism & fear have left many of us feeling disconnected, searching for something we can’t fully articulate. Searching for Wonder deals with the tremendous power we have to rediscover & reimagine ourselves through our ancestors, their gods, their cultures & our interconnectedness.

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Short Film: THE NEXT GIRL, 6min., USA, Experimental/Drama

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Danny’s casting call doesn’t go as plan when he meets a young girl with a traumatic past.

2020: Los Angeles Experimental, Dance & Music Film Festival – Official Selection – ‘The Next Girl’.
2019: The IndieFEST Film Awards – Official Selection – ‘The Next Girl.’

  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Short
  • Runtime:
    6 minutes 48 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 9, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    2,500 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:

Short Film: UPWELL, 6min., USA, Dance

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A vision of surfing, embodied by pro surfer Kassia Meador, appears as in a dream and inspires a woman to return to the water after a devastating loss. Surrounded by a diverse group of female surfers, she paddles out and they perform a ritual of connection to each other and to the ocean that is a refuge for them all.

-To rise from an inner source.
-A process in which new, nutrient-rich waters rise from the ocean depths to the surface.

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Short Film: LINOLEUM – Alain Chamfort / Cie Niki Noves, 6min., France, Music

In a dark room, we find two men forehead to forehead, sitting on the floor, heads connected by a helmet with an organic look. They are surrounded by silhouettes motionless and tense. In parallel in a sanitized white space, these two men face each other at a distance. They seem to have the power to influence the behavior of the other. Their violent and fierce manipulations quickly blow them to the limit of the knockout. This struggle has the effect of animating the individuals around them in the dark space. Alain Chamfort is the link between these two spaces. He is the witness and the narrator. He walks in the dark towards a ray of light. In the air there are particles that gradually draw a yellow landscape, a chaotic exterior that indicates a post-apocalyptic era. A child appears in the distance through the yellowish fog. He walks in the midst of a group of women and men of all ages walking in the same direction, looking out at the horizon of a new land.

The duo evokes the contradictions of a single individual facing himself, he also represents humanity. The clip shows a dark face that gradually evolves towards sharing, listening, understanding. It is a form of rebirth by setting off dust in an animal movement that is humanized. The spaces of protection, the different closed spaces, the charged and colored air, indicate an unbreathable exterior, but it is not the nothingness … The fact that the frozen bodies come back to life during the evolution of the duel, suggests the influence of our actions on everything around us and that man would have the power to reverse the course of things, the possibility of a second chance. The dust brings back to a primitive side, to the stars, to the universe.

The choreography and its setting in space leave a static state, the register of the intimate evolving towards bodies in full effusion. There are two distinct choreographies, that of the duo of dancers where the fight evolves towards a form of harmony, and this same duo immobile in another space with dancers (r) all around, linked to each other in a circle who eventually relax and become animated. Impulses, uncontrolled gestures begin to emerge. The dance is inspired by trances, rituals, traditional dances and martial arts.

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Short Film: A MOTHER’S SOLILOQUY, 6min., USA, Dance

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A recovering alcoholic must make a moral inventory in order to reconnect with her estranged son. Told through contemporary dance, ‘A Mother’s Soliloquy’ creates a visual-music poem that explores the cyclical nature of addiction.

Best played loud.

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Short Film: LOOK OUT, 6min., USA, Experimental

Look Out, a driving and precarious choreographic voyage through rooftops, a parking lot, and a construction site filmed entirely by drone camera, captures unexpected angles, distances, and perspectives. Shot on location during LUMBERYARD Under Construction Summer Festival 2018 (Catskill, NY), it features Bridgman|Packer choreography and performance, cinematography by Gavin Preuss, and industrial-percussion by Jeff Cook.

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Short Film: COHORT 707, 6min., USA, Dance

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What does a society cling to when its structures exist only in remembrance of unity? Cohort 707 depicts women who face this question in the shelter of a fallen community. When dirt becomes home, the only things worth valuing are hunger and fear which keep these women alive along with the strength they find in one another.

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