Director Biography – Molly Schreiber (SOCIAL MEDIA BLUES)

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Molly writes, produces, and acts in her own sketches. She was chosen as a 2018 Just For Laughs New Face Creator and showcased her work in Montreal. She has produced content for Funny or Die, McSweeney’s, Warner Brothers Records. Her content has millions of views and has been featured by Huffington Post, Nerdist, and Right this Minute. To watch more, go to

Short Film: EVE, 4min., USA, Dance

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High wire artist Philippe Petit describes EVE in this way: “Fighting gravity and sharing with the winds the fabric of our dreams is as important in life as getting bread and water. EVE reminds us of that while inspiring us to grow wings and take off!”

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Short Film: CREATURES, 4min., USA, Dance

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With our short fashion dance film, we would like to take you back in surreal pre historic times.

Capturing the tale of mysterious creatures living on earth. Pure in their emotions and expressions.

Following them on a journey of identity and self expression.
Fashion as a tool to bond, it makes us belong, it makes us stand out and differ.

We start a jurney of emotions, expressoin, fabric and movement.

Short Film: HIS PARTY, 4min., USA, Dance

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“His Party” is a short film following six women in a 1950’s home setting. This movement infused short film explored the trope of Romantic Paternalism, a past societal norm deeming women as fair, gentle creatures to be gently handled and cared for, through exploring the isolated roles of women in the 1950’s. Amidst the controlling, dictator-like masculine energy of the household, the women scramble and writhe in their restrictive areas of the home while attempting to maintain an imposed level of cheeriness and normalcy.

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Short Film: SONDER, 9min., USA, Dance

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Sonder: n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness—an epic story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you’ll never know existed. – Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

This film was inspired by a feeling of helplessness in a chaotic time; not knowing where to channel our efforts, our grief, our frustration.

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HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: Experimental & Music & Dance Festival – December 12, 2019


Theme of night: Will to survive

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterOPEN THE WINDOW, 3min., Italy, Music Video

festival posterCEMETERY SONG, 4min., USA, Music Video/Animation

festival posterTHE BLESSING AND THE CURSE, 5min., Music Documentary

festival posterDANCE WITH A DEMON, 13min., Canada, Dance

festival posterTAKAKO VS NINE LIVES, 9min., USA, Dance

festival posterFEEL REBORN HERE

festival posterMONK, 15min., Shanghai, Dance

festival posterR.A.W. TUBA, 28min., USA, Music Documentary

The 29th event in Toronto in 2019.
1 more festival event left in 2019.

See you at the festivals.

– Matthew Toffolo