Short Film: FREE FALL, 3min., USA, Music Short

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In a lonely and dangerous place, where the world seems to be literally crashing down, two people are able to find each other and connect, if only for a brief moment.

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Short Film: TAKE ME THERE, 3min., USA, Dance

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Created as part of the Experimental Film Virginia residency and festival program in Cape Charles, Virginia, with dancers from Italian Dance Company Equilibrio Dinamico, Take Me There is a dance film about self-discovery. A dancer ventures out into the unknown — excited, determined, and ready for the adventure that awaits. Journeying in forward motion along train tracks, we see the lead character find friends and, ultimately, a romantic, intimate connection. Was this what she was searching for all along?

Take Me There depicts strong women, queer relationship, and characters outside of their ‘performative gender roles’ to be somewhat adrogonous and powerful. A band of misfit queers journeying together.

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Short Film: FURNACE OF THE BIRDS, 3min., Animation/Experimental

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An Avian creation myth stepped in mysticism. If birds had a religion, perhaps this would be there origin myth.

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Short Film: CHROMATIC VARIATIONS, 3min., Canada, Dance

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Chromatic Variations is a short dance film that brings together several distinct studies exploring the sensory and affective relations between bodies, material, light, and colour. Progressing from abstract imagery to sculptural scenography, the movement from variation to variation offers a constantly shifting perspective on a common set of raw materials, developed through an experimental and playful in-studio process over the course of shooting. In production, we were inspired by the physicality and unpredictability of practical effects and process-filmmaking. Drawing inspiration from the Romantic-era landscapes of J. M. W. Turner, Mark Rothko’s colour-fields, and psychedelia, the film asks viewers to tune in to minute variations in touch, awareness, and texture- an intensity and scope of sensation akin to feeling the hairs on the back of one’s neck stand up.

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Short Film: OPEN THE WINDOW, 3min., Italy, Music Video

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The room of a hospital, two women waiting. The invitation to the soul to let go, the invitation to react for who remains.

A woman on a hospital bed, at the end of her life, is struggling to survive.
Another woman is waiting during those final moments.
In what is the close separation between the two figures, scenes of dailylife emerge in a dreamlike vision, in wich abandonment and loneliness are already announced, but even the prospect to be able to react. The hope is the vision of a new birth, the opposite of death that, at the same time, is linked to: birth is already a separation and in itself a death.

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