Short Film: ADAM & STEVE, 3min, USA, Music

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Rising pop star Dorian Electra’s music video for Adam & Steve rewrites homophobic religious rhetoric into queer empowerment. Taking the anti-LGBTQ slogan “God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve” and subverting it, Dorian instead imaginatively re-writes biblical “history” through a subversive queer lens. Co-directed by Electra and creative partner Weston Allen, “Adam & Steve” explores martyrdom, conversion therapy, and sexual repression in this daring and fantastical video.

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Shor Film: SOLITARY, 3min., USA, Dance

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Based on a Greek mythology,
Icarus and his father, Daedalus, were imprisioned by King Minos. The only way to escape from the island was to fly. Daedalus began to gather feathers from birds and used wax to glue the feathers together which later became wings.

“Solitary” represents Icarus’ state of mind when he was in confinement.

Short Film: LOVELY, 3min., USA, Experimental

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Beauty surrounds a young woman getting cosmetic injections.

Director Statement

Videos of cosmetic procedures are common online marketing tools and frequently posted on social media. What none of the videos provide is any emotional context for the people (mostly women) getting the treatments. Whether these women are empowered or controlled with regard to their image is open to interpretation but, in the film, I want the viewer to experience emotional context as they sit beside a woman actually undergoing the procedure.

Short Film: MARIANNE, 3min., Mexico, Dance

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Diving in the dark cenotes of Mexico can be a great experience for some, the connection with the magic of the Mayan jungle is felt at all times within these caves. Beauty can be bizzarre.

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Short Film: FREE FALL, 3min., USA, Music Short

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In a lonely and dangerous place, where the world seems to be literally crashing down, two people are able to find each other and connect, if only for a brief moment.

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Short Film: TAKE ME THERE, 3min., USA, Dance

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Created as part of the Experimental Film Virginia residency and festival program in Cape Charles, Virginia, with dancers from Italian Dance Company Equilibrio Dinamico, Take Me There is a dance film about self-discovery. A dancer ventures out into the unknown — excited, determined, and ready for the adventure that awaits. Journeying in forward motion along train tracks, we see the lead character find friends and, ultimately, a romantic, intimate connection. Was this what she was searching for all along?

Take Me There depicts strong women, queer relationship, and characters outside of their ‘performative gender roles’ to be somewhat adrogonous and powerful. A band of misfit queers journeying together.

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Short Film: FURNACE OF THE BIRDS, 3min., Animation/Experimental

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An Avian creation myth stepped in mysticism. If birds had a religion, perhaps this would be there origin myth.

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