Short Film: KADDUME, 3min., Canada, Dance

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“Kaddume” is an expedition that recognizes San Basilio de Palenque’s past and future relationships. It’s a look to and from the body, the land they live in and the voice of their female ancestors. The same ones that opened new paths in search of freedom. This dance is a new approach through rhythm and movement, to that strength and wisdom. It is an homage of these girls, not professional dancers, to that empowered walk of freedom that still lives in their bodies.

Short Film: THE SHE IN ME, 3min., France, Music Video

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Are we prisoners? Between light and dark, between destruction and beauty, between wild and thinking, monster and human? “The She in me” is a experimental idea thought by Alexandra Moulié (Make up Fx) and Mikaël Vecchio (writer, director and editor).

Short Film: GET BACK, 3min., USA, Experimental

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Unsatisfied with his life, Bryan must combat himself to achieve his goal of getting back into his forgotten passion of playing water polo.

  • Film Type:
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 24 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 4, 2018
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
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Short Film: Seth Scott™ – elxr_Track3_v2.3, 3min., UK, Music Video

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Experimental holistic visual accompaniment to 1/5th of Seth Scott’s release ‘Cathedral Ruins of the Old You’ on the independent London record label PLZ Make It Ruins. The Fader called it a ‘half surreal art installation and half BTS footage from Avatar.’

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Short Film: DESERTED EYES, 3min., Greece, Animation

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Deserted Eyes is a song, animated music video and WebGL project by the Greek multi-instrumentalist Oh. (Olivia Hadjiioannou).

The song takes the listener beyond the vicissitudes of relationship and love – beyond the criteria of reciprocity and togetherness.

It casts a light on the individual within the relationship rather then the relationship itself. Expressing how one’s state of mind — if left unchecked and allowed to settle too long in dark and despondent moods —eventually wears away at the soul of the other — casting an immutable spell unwittingly upon the one you love.

The video was filmed during the late summer of 2017 in Greece where a tragic oil spill occurred causing an ecological disaster in the waters of the Saronikos and irreparable damage to the interpersonal relationships of the coastal community.

During post-production, we could not ignore the correlation that tragic event had to the song and so incorporated the visuals into the final clips.

The music video was created with traditional hand-drawn, 2D, 3D and motion graphics. The project also includes an innovative online WebGL experience embedding YouTube video, music players and animated elements to create a 3D web experiences using three,js.


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Short Film: TIENAS, 18TH DEC, 3min., USA, Music Vide

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Debut music visuals for angst-ridden, urban track ’18th Dec’ by Mumbai-based rapper Tienas, aka Bobby Boucher — self named on account of a speech impediment he was born with, which incredibly disappears whenever he raps.

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Short Film: APPREHENSION, 3min., Canada, Experimental

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A visual representation of a women’s anxiety in it’s day to day form.

Apprehension is the concept of fear, anxiety, and nervousness. That sick feeling you get in your stomach. This is what many feel through everyday life. A constant reminder of how our minds are the most powerful force in our body. This same feeling is revealed through visuals of beauty, calmness, and static posture. Inserts of uneasiness, things that represent what we fear, and tools of escapism will contrast with our current state of mind.

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