Director Biography – Ian McGillivray (APPREHENSION)

Ian McGillivray is a short film director/producer who completed his Advanced Diploma in Broadcasting & Film at Centennial College in 2017. He has been in the industry for just over a year with experience producing several short films such as Man on the Bench, in 2017, and music videos for Toronto indie artists. Ian co-founded… Continue reading Director Biography – Ian McGillivray (APPREHENSION)

Short Film: APPREHENSION, 3min., Canada, Experimental

A visual representation of a women’s anxiety in it’s day to day form. Apprehension is the concept of fear, anxiety, and nervousness. That sick feeling you get in your stomach. This is what many feel through everyday life. A constant reminder of how our minds are the most powerful force in our body. This same… Continue reading Short Film: APPREHENSION, 3min., Canada, Experimental