June 13, 2018 – Today’s Experimental Festival TESTIMONIAL

From Filmmaker Dazhi Huang (NIGHT LIVE)

I discovered a lot of new things that I never knew about my own film, so I was amazed.

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Director BIO: Julian Friedrich, Katharina Potratz (01)

Director Biography – Julian Friedrich, Katharina Potratz

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Born in March 1976 as the only son between the German actor couple Gundi Ellert and Daniel Friedrich. Growing up between Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf in a theatre family, Julian Friedrich started out as an actor himself. He switched to music at the age of twenty. Record contract with an indie label, many years of work in the advertising music industry. 2017 Start of the international short film initiative “Second Truth”.

Short Film: 01, 7min., Germany, Experimental/Animation

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Sergam is a little boy. A refugee. His boat’s stranded on the coast. His mother didn’t survive. Instead, a young woman takes care of him and they both set off on their way through a nightmare.

Second Truth
An international short film concert series by julian friedrich

illustrators, photographers, painters, choreographs, artists and film makers from all over the world confront the hot spots of our time silent films accompanied only by music

This is one of the films from the international short film initiative ‘Second Truth’. The initiative features more then 10 silent films in which illustrators, photographers, painters, choreographers, artists and film-makers from all over the world confront the hotspots of our time accompanied only by music.

These silent films are meant to be freely accessible on social media and are released by press offices, at festivals and on CD. Behind this is an open publication strategy as well as an international ‘Second Truth’ concert series.

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Director BIO: Tim Ballard (OH MY…)

Director Biography – Tim Ballard

Vulture pic

Animator, Illustrator, Documentary Filmmaker currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Director Statement

Michael’s beautiful music made me imagine a dream journey. So I conceived of this animation as a mythology for any who need one. It is a prophecy of resurrection. When we find ourselves lost in a wasteland, may we all discover a rich source of life hidden beneath the surface.

Short Film: OH MY…., 4min,., USA, Animation/Music Video

Screen shot 2017 08 24 at 12.33.04 am

Music Video for the song “Oh My’ by Bodhi’s Wish. A post-apocalyptic dream journey and promise of rebirth through imagination.

See more about the Musician here:

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Director BIO: Roman De Giuli (LAND OF MINE)

Director Biography – Roman De Giuli

Roman De Giuli is a German photographer, filmmaker and lecturer for media production at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. He is specialized in organic visual arts, that is creating practical effects with everyday ingredients without the use of computer generated imagery.

His compositions mainly consist of fluids, powders and colors which are applied on glass planes and petri dishes, arranged in stacks to create vivid, three dimensional scenes. High resolution stills and videos are exclusively captured with macro lenses to cover tiny areas in enormous reproduction scales. Roman does extensive studies of organic patterns, their behavior and movement. With the help of music and sound design, he transforms the abstract narrative potential of organic visuals toexperimental montages with a cinematic character.

Besides video stock footage and prints he offers liquid light macro shows for public events, where organic patterns are emerging in real-time on a tin surface, filmed and projected in 4K. However, his most popular works are macro
cinematographic short films like STREAM, SINGULARITY and RADIOLARIANS which got
international publicity, not least because of his visual compositions which are completely new to the human eye.

Short Film: LAND OF MINE, 4min., Germany, Experimental

Landofmine poster

“Man must rise above the earth – to the top of the atmosphere and beyond – for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.” (Socrates)

LAND OF MINE is an experimental macro short which is made with acrylic paint and ink on paper. The idea was to recreate the unique look on planet earth from space which sometimes rather appears like an abstract piece of art than a real photo. From far away, the surface of our planet shows the beauty of it’s landscapes, coasts and the sea in perfect order. It’s highly expressive visual aesthetics and it’s contextual narrative inspired me to create an artistic interpretation of what I’ll never see with my own eyes.
It’s just flowing colors on drawing paper, but it’s there, it’s massive and it’s real: the land of mine.

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