APPREHENSION Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Experimental Festival March 2019

Directed by Ian McGillivray

A visual representation of a women’s anxiety in it’s day to day form.

Director Biography – Ian McGillivray (APPREHENSION)

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Ian McGillivray is a short film director/producer who completed his Advanced Diploma in Broadcasting & Film at Centennial College in 2017. He has been in the industry for just over a year with experience producing several short films such as Man on the Bench, in 2017, and music videos for Toronto indie artists. Ian co-founded his production company Lost in Nostalgia, based in Toronto Canada in late 2016. Apprehension is his directorial debut outside of education, which will be the stepping stone for his path as a young artist.

Director Statement

Apprehension is very much a personal project that has provided a backdrop for my personal struggles with anxiety. My goal was to portray anxiety in its different forms when it’s at its worst to when it’s most mellow.

The characters of my films have a consistency to struggle with trauma on either a psychological or physical level. I wanted to visually represent the feelings of my anxiety through the face of a woman to show the fragile beauty of Apprehension. This represents a very relatable subject to many.