Short Film: AVOIDANCE, 7min., USA, Dance/Music

  A short dance film inspired by themes of loss and conflict. Project Type: Experimental, Music Video, Short Runtime: 6 minutes 30 seconds Completion Date: May 28, 2019 Production Budget: 15,000 USD Country of Origin: United States Country of Filming: United States Language: English Shooting Format: RED Film Color: Color

Short Film: 14, 3min., Japan, Dance/Music

The fear of being hurt,¬†being alone, The desire to be released from its shell¬†expressed in emotional changes through dance. The action emphasized by editing it becomes a sound and forms a rhythm in the head of who sees this Experimental video where the image became a rhythm track. News & Reviews “Public Prize” CINEMATICA FESTIVAL… Continue reading Short Film: 14, 3min., Japan, Dance/Music