LGBT Best Scene Reading of SHEPHERDING CASSIE, by Michael Oborn

LGBT Toronto Film Festival

Genre: Drama, LGBT

A father believes his nine-year-old daughter is sexually conflicted and puts her in a clinic dedicated to modifying behavior when, the town drunk, grandpa, finds out.

Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
Obie: David Schaap
Sheriff: Neil Bennett
Laurence: Noah Casey
Emily: Clare Blackwood
Agnes: Lauren Toffan
Penny: Val Cole

Get to know the writer:

What is your screenplay about?

My screenplay is about the conditioned cultural ignorance that believes we can change a persons sexual orientation. It accents the generally held mythology and folk lore that sex is alterable and that we can change people to fit our beliefs. It is about the fear of differences. In other words, A father commits his nine-year-old daughter to a behavioral modification clinic to insure she doesn’t become a lesbian. Grandpa, the town drunk, is the only person who can help her. Laurence Shepherd, a decent and respected member of the small…

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Author: experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 4 times a year. Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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