Director BIO: Michael McCallum (LOVE IS WILD)

Director Biography – Michael McCallum

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“Michael McCallum is an award winning director/writer/actor/producer/editor who was born in Lansing, MI where he currently resides. He started acting in 1997 and started his film company, Rebel Pictures, in 1999.

His first three feature films, Fairview St., Handlebar, Lucky, all screened at Celebration Cinema in Lansing, MI for week long runs to sell out crowds. All three films have played nationally and internationally garnering many awards.

Since 2008 he has released a string of 16 award-winning short films.

McCallum was honored to receive the “Michigan Independent Filmmaker Of the Year Award 2012” by the Uptown Film Festival in Detroit.

In 2015 McCallum and his Rebel Pictures team finished their fourth feature film, Buffalo! He was excited to work, again, with his talented Father, William C. McCallum, who plays the lead role in Buffalo. They also wrote the film together.

It has won 22 awards and received 12 nominations in 38 film festivals. It has also played in Italy, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Singapore, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Grand Rapids, The Caribbean, Lithuania, Greece, Amsterdam, Russia, Hong Kong, Portugal, Indonesia, Italy and Australia!

With the 25 projects that Rebel Pictures has made they have won 145 major awards, been nominated for 137 other major awards and been accepted into 313 film festivals internationally!

In 2013 and 2014, he was invited to direct a short film for the Production Workshop for the Grand Rapids Film Festival (GRFF). Both films were finished by McCallum and one of his editors and have won awards nationally. He currently serves on GRFF’s advisory board and leads the committee which produced the 36-Hour Challenge.

In addition to film, Michael is also an accomplished theater performer. He took on the iconic role of “Stanley Kowalski” in Lansing Community College’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire! He also co-hosts a weekly radio show, Show Biz Weekly, in Mid-Michigan.

His films, trailers and writing can be seen and purchased at:”

Director Statement

I’ve had the honor to have worked with Jen Sygit a few different times before. I made a music video, One Thing, for her many years ago. It was a companion piece to my last feature film, Buffalo.

That was my very first music video and hers as well.

She has become a close and dear friend and when the opportunity arose to help her with a Kickstarter video for her new album, I suggested making a new music video on top of just shooting the campaign video.

I’m excited to share this with you and hope it continues to help spread the word on her wonderful music as well as the joys and need for love of all kinds in our current climate.

– Michael McCallum

Author: experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 4 times a year. Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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