Director Biography – Jenny Ni (ECLOSION)

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Coming from a different cultural background, Jenny believes her
vision in film can speak to a diverse group. She enjoys the
process of filmmaking but most importantly the messages conveyed throughout
this art form. She finds it spectacular how one film can change one
person’s perspective. Although it is still under debate whether female
filmmakers are emerging, she wants to be one of the international
female directors in the Canadian film industry.

Director Statement

Before I break this film down into details, I’d like to ask you something. What is the definition of beauty and what would you rate how you look on a scale of 1 to 10? Feels weird, doesn’t it? To do this, you must compare yourself to others, people we see as beautiful and “perfect”.
Recently, six of my friends went to get their noses and eyes done at a beauty salon back in China. When I asked them why, all their answers revolved around the phrases “I want to be like..” or “I’m not pretty enough”. In our culture, high noses, white skin and big eyes are the major three components of beauty and is what drives women to get plastic surgery to meet these standards.
Growing up in that culture, I definitely have a lot to say about this topic. However, this isn’t something that is comfortable to talk about and sometimes people get offended. That is why I chose the caterpillar to symbolize women who are ashamed or unsatisfied with how they look. They want to be seen but their tiny bodies seem invisible. Dancing is a metaphor for caterpillar spinning its cocoon as it prepares for transformation. In the story, Ann goes on an emotional journey through dance as she prepares to transform. Every move she makes adds more and more confidence until she eventually transforms into the butterfly. The message here is don’t be afraid to be yourself.
A deeper message I am trying to convey through this film is a critique of the illusory world that we live in. That is why the other women wear masks in this film. We all hide behind invisible masks in this world to make ourselves feel better but if we keep doing that, we are eventually going to lose ourselves. At the end of the film when the other women take off their masks, they too resemble Ann, showing that they aren’t as different as what is portrayed, but rather hide behind a mask to appear different.
Eclosion is my attempt at telling a story to emotionally connect to an audience in a way that makes the rethink their definition of beauty and hopefully by the end of it, come out more appreciative of who they are.

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