Director Biography – Jesse Haaja (ONCE AN ANGEL)

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Jesse Haaja is an multi-award winning director, producer and a writer. His first full length film Rendel was released 2017 and it was sold to over 60 countries.

Haaja has a background in commercials as Graphic Designer and Art Director. In 2009 he founded the company Haaja & Arwo Design which grew to be the biggest advertising agency of the area in just a few years. Through the agency Haaja has directed and worked as writer, director, producer and DOP for several award-winning commercials and in 2015 was chosen as the young entrepreneur of the year.

His latest accomplishment is Finland’s first superhero movie Rendel (2017). Rendel is based on Haaja’s own creation; a comic character he came up with when he was 13-14 years old. Rendel has already gained tens of thousands of followers and Rendel enthusiasts from all around the world.

Haaja has earned a reputation as an easy going but determined and ambitious director. He takes pride in being positive and trusting his crew with his creative vision to be executed properly. As an endless source for ideas, Haaja is known to work tirelessly towards his goals.

Works and lives in Finland and Los Angeles. He is fluent in English and Finnish.

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