Director Biography – Sibel Guvenc (ONE STEP APART)

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Sibel Guvenc is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed Turkish-Canadian director, writer, and producer based in Toronto. Sibel has recently earned an MFA in Film from York University. She has an Honours BFA degree in Integrated Media and Film from OCAD University, and a High Honours B.Sc. in Statistics. Sibel is a TIFF Talent Lab, and WIDC Director Alumnae (Women in Director’s Chair). She was selected for the Telefilm Producers without Borders Berlinale Coproduction Market, CMPA Telefilm Producer Trainee Program, and WIDC CAM 2018, Career Advancement Module. Sibel received the 2018-2019 W. Lawrence Heisey Graduate Award in Fine Arts, which recognises outstanding ability and achievement in creative work, ​and the Miron Deca Memorial Award in 2019 for an ardent intellectual curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, and an interdisciplinary dedication.
Sibel’s recent short film, Turkish Mesir Macunu, was nominated for the Student Academy Awards, won an Award of Excellence in Liberation / Social Justice / Protest at Best Shorts Competition 2019, and won Gold Remi Award in Best Dark Comedy Short Film Category at the 52nd WorldFest Houston International Film Festival. Her short film Hungarian Salami was nominated for Best Comedy at the 60th Annual Yorkton Golden Sheaf Awards and was considered for Canada’s Top Ten Shorts by the TIFF Group. Her acclaimed film, In The Penal Colony, based on Franz Kafka’s short story, received the Best Cinematography and Best Art Film awards. Her films were screened worldwide at international film festivals and markets, including Clermont Ferrand, Boston, Palm Springs, Yorkton, Canadian Filmmakers, Reelworld, WorldFest Houston, and the Kolkata Film Festivals. Her films were broadcast on Bravo!Canada, CBC, City TV, Deutsche Welle, and Ragusani nel Mondo. Twice, Sibel received the William F. White Proficiency in Film Prize, the Best Jazz Film Award, Best World Music Award and Best Abstract Film Award with her other short films. In her fiction films, Sibel is interested in exploring existentialist psychology, issues of control, justice, and the future of science and technology. She portrays strong female characters who overcome social and psychological restrictions in their search for self. Sibel just completed her film, End Of The Rope, a 20 min. futuristic drama.

Director Statement

ONE STEP APART is a short film about different levels of communication. Through movement, I’m analyzing how two stagings of the same emotional conflict can inform, interact and complicate each other. The dialogue is kept opaque and the complexity of the scene is expressed through movement. Their emotions are revealed through dance where I focused on two emotions: anger and sadness. These emotions are shared interchangeably in between them while they’re trying to get out of this infinite loop. As the film progresses, two worlds merge with a blend of dance and dialogue. One Step Apart captures a moment from the lives of a couple that shapes their future.

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