Director Biography – Erwin Julierstersen Kopeng ((SIC) – INFINITE ECHO)

Erwin Julierstersen Kopeng, born 1988 in Bandung, Indonesia, completed his study with major in 3D animation at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore in 2011. He then started his career in Singapore’s film & media industry as animator-compositor at Moving Bits. In 2016 he joined Invisible Artists as motion designer. As he decided to seek new challenge & solidify his qualification, he moved to Ludwigsburg in winter 2017 to pursue postgrad study at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. His graduation project is a music video for the band [SIC] titled “Infinite Echo”. He now pursues a career as senior art director.

Director Statement

The greatest Sufi mystic and poet Rumi once wrote, life is a balance between letting go and holding on. It is indeed fundamental human vulnerability, that we remain trapped by our images of happiness and our fear of loss, the unknown, as well as grieving of lost past. However it is necessary to continue our path of a fulfilling life by accepting change, the pain and sadness of letting go. There is a time to hold on and then there comes a time to let go and release. This would allow us to experience the vastness of our unlimited consciousness, thus making room for possibilities far beyond anything we could imagine.
Despite the profound wisdom of letting go in life, most of us deeply resist it, fearing the ensuing disappointment. This is the struggle that “Infinite Echo” aspire to depict. The apocalyptic
scenario serves as metaphor, that is inspired by many eastern mythologies, in which they recognize that destruction or letting go of things is necessary to give space for new creation. This project also explores our interconnectedness with the natural world and universe at large. Just like our universe is ever-changing and evolving, our attempts to hold onto things is proven futile. In that sense destruction is as much part of the divine as creation.

By experimentalfilmfestival

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