Director Biography – Blanchard Thomas (OMEGA II)

Thomas Blanchard (1984, Lyon, France)

Thomas Blanchard is a French video artist who likes
to explore themes and mix various kinds of art.
His work has been showcased in various festivals
and expositions throughout the world.
The contemporary art biennal of Casablanca in 2016,
the STARZ Denver film festival, the New York
SpringStudio, Seoul | Kmca Museum of Modern Art, Kornhaus Romanshorn I Swiss, Theatre of Digital Art I Dubaï , Paris | Atelier des Lumières, New York | One world tower and the technologic arts gallery Artechouse located in Washington DC have all been collaborators to his projects.
Thanks to his work on shapes, colours, pigments,
textures, he creates visually mesmerizing
and powerful pieces. These past years,
the explosively colorful content of his videos has
been noticed by some of the most famous brands
of the technology and communication fields.
Some of his most notable cooperation projects
have been done with Apple for the release of the
Iphone X, or Sony for Sony Square Tokyo.

Director Statement

For the image of the birth, we first plan to film a professional dancer on a sober and fixed stage. With the post-production work, we want to reproduce all the dancer’s movements in order to represent the perpetual movements. These sequences represent the past, present and future, the circle of life, beings are born and die continuously.
Then, to continue on the path of birth while remaining on a photographic resemblance with the dancer, we plan to film butterflies coming out of their Chrysalis. Rare phenomena must be captured in nature. We will film them in a small light box. After a lot of patience, I know that the butterflies come out between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning, about two weeks after the caterpillars have turned into pupae.
We will film them on a black background. The chrysalis will be suspended by their silk threads on a flowering branch. In terms of lighting, we will use profile projectors.
To represent the sound textures of the music, we propose to work these few seconds distributed as glitch throughout the music with suites of visually independent photo macros that count in the movements.
The work is long and delicate. We will have to make a survey of cities and forests to photograph hundreds of different photos but representing the same motives.
Each photo will then need to be refocused to produce smooth 25 frames per second videos. And finally, to support the textures and give some space to the clip, we plan to add a few shots of drone filmed through my travels and textures filmed in extreme macro.

By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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