Director Biography – Marjorie Galluccio (LONG NIGHT)

Bye Bye Johnny was born from the heart of the creative desert of Burning Man. From a dreamlike scenery and endless American roads, like the ones you ride through at full speed behind the wheel of a shiny Mustang.

Bye Bye Johnny offers an intimate and idyllic vision of the American dream, a vision lulled at the pace of delicate and timeless pop melodies.

The lyrics, in French and English, combine neon lights flashing in the Rockies at night and a bright blue California sky. Bye Bye Johnny is the kind of girl that puts on her boots, throws her perfecto jacket on her shoulder, and leaves a love letter on the coffee table before walking away without ever looking back.

She loves bad boys, is a rebel without a cause, and would rather live 10 minutes of pure bliss than 10 years of lukewarm happiness.

This first album was written as an impulse towards freedom, as a cry of the heart, in a moment where you rush head first with your pockets filled with raw emotions, and the ambition to reach for the stars.

Composed between Paris and Los Angeles, this first album carries the poetry of these two cities opposed by everything.

On the one hand, we have the desire for freedom and for endless landscapes, carried by prominent guitars and folk percussions, inviting us to travel and wander. On the other hand, a romantic melancholy that questions our relationships and the different ways we love, incarnated by a languorous and delicate voice.

Just like a dream, Bye Bye Johnny tells cinematic stories and immerses us into a universe filled with wild horses, heroic astronauts, and teary-eyed girls driving away in the setting sun.

Director Statement

Written, composed and shot in Paris during the containment of the Covid.19 this personal vision deals with the lack of freedom, human warmth, love and nostalgia …

Ps: All security measures were taken while filming this clip.


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