Short Film: TULIPE, 4min., Luxembourg, Music

Based on the music piece Tulipe (in French) by Ryvage, the video further explores the conceptual origin of the track, the Tulip mania phenomenon (a period in the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century during which prices for virus infected tulips reached stratospheric heights before dramatically collapsing) and the notions of claustrophobia and confinement in an audio-visual and choreographic way.

As the video progresses, the choreography goes haywire, stains begin to appear on the dancer’s skin, the camera loses its bearings – the speculative curve of the infected tulip has reached its paroxysm… What follows is a dizzying fall into the abyss, the exhaustion of a natural vigor that had been so promising and infinite… the music follows this surge, with a heady melody to back it up. The joints that link reality and phantasmagorical projections are about to break. The speculative bubble has burst, leaving behind only emptiness and existential distress…

Directed by Ted Kayumba & Samuel Reinard

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By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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