Short Film: COMPOSITION: SNAKES FOR HER, 10min., Greece, Dance

Five bodies in composition, create ever changing microcosms: striving to find meaning amidst their shared reality (-ies) when really it is a fluid sequence of narratives bearing no catharsis. Like in her dream, everything is fulfilled in itself. Interrupted.
The bodies are carriers and generators of these microcosms. They live, mature and decay in their own artificial conditions, questioning their very existence.

“…The other night I woke up into another dream. I am in a large black square box. Inside it I encounter a woman and two men. They are trying to wrap their hands around her neck and asphyxiate her. I see something move on her head. Do you know what it was? Snakes. Her hair turned into snakes. The angrier she got, the anger grew the snakes.”

P.S.: Composition was initially materialized as a theatre dance performance. This film is another dimension of the piece. Composition for six bodies was performed five times in July 2020 in Athens at the industrial space of Amaxostasio, in the context of Papagou Festival and at the archaeological space of Plato’s Academia. It was filmed in the creative space of the company in August 2020.

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