Short Film: #DANZARESTLESS, 24min., USA, Dance


It is a collaboration composed of 4 audiovisual pieces that are articulated as postcards or impressions of the confinement.
Four glances from four different choreographers who, separated by time and geographical borders, direct the movements of a single performer. The dancer, from the intimacy of his confinement, makes a time-space tour of his apartment, reinterpreting places and objects to transform them into the forced scene of this pandemic. The bed, the windows, the instruments are thus taking on another meaning, transforming the imposed routine of confinement into a kind of vehicle or door to more intimate and at the same time phantasmagorical places, spaces where the deepest aspirations of being can be appreciated. like freedom and communication, as well as all the psychological tensions typical of an imprisoned being. A challenge for the interpreter, a Chilean dancer living in Tribeca New York, the center of the pandemic and the antiracial outbreak, who alone had to juggle the technical and logistical tasks to record and rehearse the various choreographies that make up these works, sometimes all in a same day, turning his department into a creative experimentation laboratory where the body and its different dimensions take on an unusual thickness. With the Symphony No.9 in D Minor, Op. 125, by Ludwig Van Beethoven as a tribute to the 250th anniversary of the German composer’s birth.

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