Short Film: THE EYE AND EYE’S DELIGHT, 15min., Canada, Dance

The Eye and Eye’s Delight opens with the appearance of an Angel, who is herself recounting a dream-like experience. A doe in the wood catches the eye of the Virgin as she passes by, and as a result, magically gives birth to the Unicorn.

The Angel, in turn, bends her face so close to that of the Virgin, that the encounter instills something beyond ecstasy—the Angel’s encounter with perfection engenders terror—a terror that becomes the catalyst for song.

Tonight we are reaching towards perfection—a beauty so extra- ordinary, we can only approach it through the safety of sleep.

Morpheus, The God of Sleep, appears and sends the entire cast into a deep, protective slumber, from which each singer and dancer emerges to recount their encounter with perfection.
Some encounters result in fear, some in anxiety and confusion, and others in joy. For every performer, the encounter is cleansing and cathartic—exactly what we wish for our audience tonight.

The Eye and Eye’s Delight opens Opera Atelier’s Fall 2020 livestream production of Something Rich and Strange, a fully-staged new creation featuring theatre music that explores the realms of dreams, visions and the supernatural, airing December 12th, 2020.

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