Director Biography – Didier MULLERAS (WAITING ROOM)

Didier MULLERAS is a french visual artist, renowned choreographer, musician, film maker. He has created more that 30 stage productions and numerous dance films. His work has toured worldwide in more that 50 countries and major venues, including Sadlers Wells Londres, Art Summit Jakarta, Centre Culturel de Belem Lisbonne, Danza Unam Mexico, Skirball Center Los Angeles, Itau Cultural São Paulo, French Festival Bangkok, KaaiTheater Brussels, Dance On Camera Festival New York, Cynet Dresden, Seoul Film Festival.

in 2019-2020, his films have had 77 official selections, 21 nominations, 9 awards, in 41 Films Festivals from 17 countries.

Since 1998, with his « mini@tures » project, one of the first dance project for the Internet, he is considered as a pioneer in dance creation related to film – new technologies. His works are free access on, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

He gives Dance + Video workshops, worldwide (project DFC dance for camera – sessions). His works are studied in various international universities worldwide. He is regularly invites for conferences and events related to dance – film – new technologies.


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