Director Biography – Nathalie de Lopez (DANCE OR DIE)

Born in Paris, Nathalie is a self taught photographer, passionate about people and timeless imagery. In 2017, drawn to strong personalities and the idea of bringing out inner beauty through striking portraiture, she worked on her first exhibition called “Amazones”, featuring a series of portraits of brave and inspirational women. In 2018, Nathalie created Gangster Magazine, a media platform that brings together a new generation of creatives working on collaborative and innovative projects within the fashion and culture industry. Shortly afterwards she turned to video projects, growing her expertise to now also work as a film director.

Director Statement

“Dance or Die” was born from a moment of resilience for De Lopez too, following various personal events. Nathalie started her career in the fashion industry as a self-taught photographer, collaborating with brands such as Nike, Adidas and Chopard amongst others. Since her career inception, De Lopez is on a mission to tell universal stories that bring people’s real essence to life. With this in mind, Nathalie conceived “Dance or Die” as a collaboration project, where Bago could freely express himself through his dance.

“Through Kevin’s story, I wanted to address an universal subject: resilience. How, when life throws obstacles at us, humans will draw from the depths of their resources to surpass themselves, and become a better version of themselves. This film is a message of hope” says De Lopez.

Nathalie is currently working on directing and producing more film portraits, to create a collection of true stories to inspire faith and hope in humanity.

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