Director Biography – Lea Toran Jenner (LIGHT OF DAWN)

Lea Toran Jenner discovered modern circus at the age of 5 and made it her mission to pursuit a career as a circus artist. Working hard to achieve this dream, she graduated from the National Circus School in Montreal in 2014 and has performed all over the world ever since. During her two year contract at the Moulin Rouge in Paris in 2017 & 2018, she discovered and fell in love with the art of filmmaking and cinema. Lea decided to go back to school in Paris to study Digital Film Making. “Light of Dawn” is the result of the combination of both of her biggest passions, circus and cinema.

Director Statement

Love and especially falling in love is a theme that has been always used and reused in literature, art, music, cinema and poetry. It is an emotion that everybody can experience and relate to. This is probably why it is continuously used in all forms of art.

Falling in love can be frightening and complicated, can hurt deeply and destroy one’s life. Unfortunately, it is often portrayed as such in art and literature, but falling in love can also be beautiful and simple.

This is the form of love that I wanted to represent in my movie. Love can feel just right, love can make you stronger, love can make you trust blindly and make you feel safe and warm. I have too often heard from heartbroken friends that want to give up on love because they connect the feeling of love to pain and sorrow, or of people who cannot stand the idea of a sweet and cheesy love, which they can find repulsive. This is probably because they have never experienced love as it is supposed to feel: like a warm and cozy blanket, like sitting in front of a crackling fire when it is raining outside, like a soft ray of sunshine on your naked face, like the smell of spring on a morning walk, like dancing under the night sky in your own little world.


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