Short Video: The Skys – Communication, 3min., Lithuania, Music Video


This music video tells the story of universal human need for communication. Communication itself has various forms. It transforms people. Lack of communication can cause problems, even depression. Communication can start wars and make peace. It can be both good and bad. It builds human relationships as well as destroys them. Communication helps people and spreads viruses. This music video reveals all kinds of communication while main heroes turn into communicative automatic minds and viruses.

Director: Jonas Ciurlionis
Assistant director: Indre Juskute
Producer: Bozena Buinicka
Cast: Dovile Kundrotaite, Adomas Jasiukenas, Kamile Petrauskaite, Justinas Tamasevicius, Ilja Molodcov
Additional crew: camera: Mykolas Alekna, make-up: Simona Pusinskaite, SFX: Ilja Molodcov
USA crew: Anna Maybury, Suzane LaChasse, Shaniece Cole, Roni Weissman, Rebecca Tsao, Christopher Guara.
Music video was shot in USA, Lithuania, Israel and Japan
Director Biography – Jonas Čiurlionis, Indrė Juškutė (assistant)

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