Director Biography – Lindsay Gilmour (WEIGHT OF THE MOON)

Lindsay Gilmour is a performer, choreographer, improviser, and educator. She has toured nationally and internationally with Yin Mei Dance (2006-2010) and with Pearson/Widrig Dance Theater (PWDT) (2001-present). She is the recipient of a Nehru Fulbright Award (2018) and a Hellman Fellowship (2020-2021) in support of her research exploring the preservation, adaptation, and innovation of Tibetan Ritual Dance in India.

Her choreography has been shown at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.; at Judson Church at Movement Research and Dixon Place in New York City; as well as at The Kitchen Theater, The Schwartz Center, The Hangar Theater (in collaboration with Cayuga Chamber Orchestra), and the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival in Ithaca, New York. She has been an Artist in Residence at the Festival de Danza Contemporánea in Managua, Nicaragua, and with OTUX Dance in Santiago, Chile. Her work has been performed at Body-Mind Centering Conferences in Ghent, Montreal, and Santa Barbara. Most recently, with PWDT, she co-created a site-specific performance and film at the historic Castillo San Cristóbal in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Director Statement

This screendance explores the interconnected and reciprocal relationship between body and ocean through the Discipline of Authentic Movement. I question: How is it different if I witness the whole of the ocean or focus on the singular wet body of a sea anemone? What can I learn from tracking the experience in my own body as I witness the slow changing of the tide or the swift crash of waves? And if I am witnessing the ocean and non-human animals, aren’t they witnessing me?

Inspired by David Abram’s work and phenomenology’s concepts of intersubjectivity and the life world, this screendance explores the reciprocal relationship between mover and ocean. I invite sensing instead of making sense, encouraging direct experience with the natural world without conceptualizing. The camera and dancer are in dialogue with the ocean and non-human animals. The sand, seaweed, and sagebrush cease to be inert objects of perception with dancer at the center, but rather animate entities with which the dancer and camera are in conversation. There are many ways to engage, disrupt, shift and heal our communities, selves, and environment. This film is a quiet revolution of deep presence encouraging listening and conversation where we experience ourselves not as the center, but as a thread in a larger fabric of being. It is a call to action—to pay attention, to be present and to be awake to the world around and within us.


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