Director Biography – BASTIEN SOLEIL (TANG’O)

Born in 1979 in Volvic in the volcanic region of France, Bastien spent several years as a successful designer, marketing and communications expert in France, before spending this last decade in experiencing a life that conveys meaning.
In 2010, he sold his communications agency to travel extensively in Asia in order to disconnect from the busy French megalopolis, and fully dedicated his time to build eco-friendly projects such as Bluenery in 2017 (first sustainable clothing brand for ocean lovers) and Kaguya in 2019 (first fins made from bamboo).
In 2015 he discovers freediving in Thailand. The first dive changed his life. More than a sport, it’s a way of life, a way to interact with nature that opened to him… A true blue love story was starting.
In 2018, fascinated by this underwater world, Bastien invests in a proper camera and housing allowing him to capture its beauty. Slowly, shooting after shooting, he started to discover an almost unexplored photographic path. The way that light, people, and things were moving under water started to fascinate him, becoming his field of artistic exploration.
Today, Bastien is bringing underwater artists like Bernini, Fragonard, Raphael… to inspire him.
All his underwater pictures are produced on breath hold, without air assistance (models/ photographer/ assistants), and no mask for the models. Realized in open water, a challenge for the team, it’s also a way to create a shooting timeframe which lasts less than 30 seconds but a very intense 30 seconds!
His approach to guide his models is only based on a beautiful Quest for freedom. The connection to his models is the woven fabric that builds the strength of his photos. His artwork evokes life as a creation and the teachings of water; an invitation to let go, surrender, and faith. The textures and tones of his artistic style gives its aliveness to the water, a sense of peacefulness from an ethereal world.
Bastien’s art has been exhibited in galleries in France and the U.S, as well as published in magazines.
« I believe in Freedom, not freedom to act foolish, but Freedom to be liberated of one’s past and history, everything that limits ourself. With the help of Water, I realized that we have no boundaries, it’s a matter of energy and let go.

Director Statement

Sometimes, art is doing something simply because we know it will be beautiful.
With the combination of water, lighting and dancer Ariadna’s talent, TANG’O offers the viewer an innovative take on underwater videography and art in general.
In my eyes, beauty and joy are related. This is why we choose such powerful, dynamic and lively music and choreography.
During these 3 minutes, I would like the viewer to be transported far away from daily routine, into a mesmerizing dreamlike world.


By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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