Director Biography – Jimy J. Hollywood (THAT’S HOW I AM)

His films may be characterized by clarity and his shooting style by dynamism, and an excellent cooperation with the clients, crew and performers.
He is well prepared for international contracts where he can combine the suits of his time- and coordinate-free imagerywith the demands of the client. Jimy submits themes with strong emotional charge in his movies. He often used dramatic elements he mostly married to a surreal imagery. He broke 10 years ago in the Hungarian video clip production, where he has thereby lifted up the level of this style.
His retail-like style, his picture mood that brings out an American movie atmosphere and his suggestive elements have particularly quickly helped make him one of the most wanted video clip directors was in his home country.
He works – not exhaustive – with such famous Hungarian names together like Hooligans, Caramel, Hien, Zséda, Oroszlán Szonja, Tolvai Reni, Király Viktor, EDDA, Compact Disco, Wolf Kati.
He gets more and more orders from the international market. Examples:
– Nathan Goshen (Talent winner from Israel)
– DJ. Martin Jensen (Danish Top DJ – billboard)
– BASIM (Danish Euro Vision Winner of 2014)
He has his first feature film entitled “Obsitos”in 2015 with István Mikó (HU) and Bálint Adorjáni (HU) shot in the lead roles, he has produced on behalf of the Hungarian city Szekszárd. The Mayor of Szekszárd has published about the finished work in the following way. "Producers must done a Great where something has been accomplished, after which the whole city can be proud of the movie.
He creates during his shootings direct, friendly relationships, and a professional atmosphere to it. He sets the presentation, character and the movements of the actors in Focus, and he findst to all participants the necessary motivation. The secrets of his success are the well-selected ideas, performers, location and the crew.
He is currently working alongside the music videos and commercials on the following feature movies:
– 25 DOLLARS – short drama
– I Am Who I Am – documentary, where he edited to movements of El Camino pilgrimage. The shooting lasted for 14 days, including the Director has done the route of 800 km by bicycle
– A Kulcsosház – The Chalet – psychothriller , whole evening with the main roles of Erika Szabó, Boglárka Csősz and Bálint Adorjáni. Pilot


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