Director Biography – Sophie Dia Pegrum (CHERI MOON – AIN’T I A WOMAN)

Sophie is a British American film director and cinematographer who has produced and shot films in the Antarctic, at the North Pole and in the Himalayas. Her most recent projects include a music video for Cheri Moon – “Ain’t I a Woman” and is in development on an experimental hybrid documentary/cinema project about mythology and space travel in Kyrgyzstan. Her documentary films include “77 Below” and experimental short “Come to the Edge”, shot on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica and featuring artist Lita Albuquerque.

Sophie’s debut narrative feature film was “Dogstar”, a tragic love story between an otherworldly recluse and a misfit junkie and was billed as a rustic Colorado update of O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi. Critics described it as “pleasingly sensuous” and a “well-crafted, winsome fairy tale”.

Sophie co-owns and runs Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust, a production company based in Los Angeles. With Jen Miller she is producing a series of documentaries focused on rare horses and vanishing equine cultures. which include award winning films “Path to Glory”, “Tarpan”, “Of Gods and Kings” and “Talking to the Air”. They also produce commercial work and films for NGOs and equine clientele. Their most recent new films include “Stallion of a Dream: California and the Camarillo White Horse”, a documentary about the roots of California ingenuity and horsepower. “Wings of Kyrgyzstan” (Arte France/Germany) is story of the lives of the semi-nomads of Kyrgyzstan, their maverick horsemanship and deep spiritual connection to their mountains, animals and beloved horses.

She also co-founded Shakti Pictures – a documentary film production company with a social justice focus, which has produced four films in Nepal. She and her co-producer Miranda Morton Yap spent months in a small village in the far west of Nepal to film “Daughters of the Curved Moon”, (Arte France/Germany). She also shot “Talking to the Air: The Horses of the Last Forbidden Kingdom” in a remote Himalayan region and won several awards including a Jury award for “Visual Presentation of Intangible Cultural Heritage” from the International Festival of Ethnographic film in Serbia.. (Amazon) She also shot two shorter documentaries about two remarkable women in the Transgender community in Kathmandu – “Pink Tiffany” (Amazon) and “Rubina by Night”.

Sophie is currently working on “Song for the Dying” – a thesis film for University of Southern California’s Masters in Visual Anthropology.

Director Statement

Working with Cheri Moon to create a music video for her resonant “Ain’t I A Woman” was a whirlwind of intense creative energy. Her song is an anthem: a statement of pride, a celebration of femininity, and a declaration of independence – everything vital and vibrant, all underscored by her powerful voice. With the dedication and spiritual intensity of gospel, we took this idea to the desert, a stunning echo chamber for Cheri’s potent performance and song.

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