Director Biography – Shaun Bartlett (ROOTS AND VEINS)

Born in the green curving valleys of England’s rainy west coast, soon to move south with his father’s racehorses to the flat island of soft sand and strong sun that is Bahrain, later to follow his Mother’s roots all the way up to Norway with its pointy mountains and hard winters – it’s no wonder Shaun Bartlett’s music feels like such a mix of different influences, thus a mix of his own.

His sweet sting of melancholy in both voice and music, and a clever ear for catchy melodies and a keen eye for lyrical details hits the listener nice and softly. Since his solo debut in 2006 the hard-working talent and self-produced singer-songwriter has had several radio listings on Norway’s biggest radio stations. The beloved artist has supported Leonard Cohen, performed on several
national TV shows in Norway and made music for award winning films and series such as Emmy winner Eyewitness with the song “Saviour Unknown” which currently has over 800.000 streams on Spotify. As a favourite on The Voice in 2012 he soon became a household name and has toured all over Norway since, earning a good reputation for his “give all” live shows and strong connection with his audience.

With all of 2020’s unexpected twists and turns came a sudden urge for something new and completely different. The product of this in addition to finishing the new album, is his film debut, Roots and Veins – an album film by Shaun Bartlett. A month in the mountains alone with a camera, enough scenery for 7 music videos and plenty of food for thought – album out on March 12, 2021.

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