Dance Film: GARDEN PARTY, 5min, France, Dance

« GARDEN PARTY is part of DFC dance for camera project, started in 1998 by french choreographer and film maker Didier Mulleras. The idea for this film was born during a visit to the botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro. There was a woman, alone, sitting on a bench, who kept getting up, going around the bench as if she was looking for something, and then sitting down again. She did this without interruption, in cyclical iterations, sometimes punctuated by long pauses, during which she turned her head, right and left, seeming to talk to people sitting next to her. But there was no one there. Her movements, a mixture of nervous gestures followed by almost perfect stasis, were reminiscent of the very particular gestures of the actress Gena Rowlands in the film “A Woman Under the Influence” by John Cassavetes. This inspired the choreography and movement direction of the dancers in this film. Parks and gardens are the immobile witnesses of our lives, of our desires, of our thoughts. Flowers look at us, listen to us, accompany us, like calm and discreet spectators of our inner adventures. »

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