Director Bio: Beatrice Allegranti (MOVING WITH THE TROUBLE)

Beatrice Allegranti is an Italian-Irish, London-based transdisciplinary feminist artist producing international and politically progressive work across several mediums: film, dance/choreography, participation and writing. The multi-disciplinary strands of Beatrice’s work tackles burgeoning and interrelated social and environmental issues of loss, health, migration and ‘othering’ — through ethical and progressive artistic practice. A hallmark of Beatrice’s work is her collaboration with diverse audiences and professional dance artists, actors, composers, musicians, neuroscientists, biologists, registered nurse practitioners and medics — through partnerships across the arts, health and science sectors. Her film and choreographic work has toured internationally (France, U.S.A, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands). Previous short films include: Personal Text Public Body (1997); In My Body (2004); Your Story Calls Me (2012); Becoming Bodies (2014); What Moves Us (2014); I Can’t Find Myself (2015); Political Signatures (2019).

Director Statement
“My passion for film is to create a haptic sense for the viewer. To capture the intimate feeling of a movement and cultivate an interior presence on the screen. When I frame moving bodies, I see movement of words, thoughts and sensations. I see bodies as ongoing processes, always about movement, and inseparable within the complexities of culture, politics, history, technology and the environment”.

By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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