Short Film: ANYWAY, 13min, Italy, Romance/Drama

A woman has lost the thread of her existence, has the feeling of losing touch with reality, experiences the fear of not regaining a full and coherent sense of self, risking irreversible disorientation.
With a touch of the surreal, “Anyway”, recounts the strange succession of events that haunt a writer with an identity crisis.
Through her hallucinated itinerary full of magical places, unexpected encounters, and evocative creatures, the protagonist will be saved from disorientation and rediscover her love of writing. Amanda Denver arrives in Florence filled with expectations and hope of leaving all her various personal problems behind. Her emotional fragility and the need to follow a man who is only the projection of her desire, or more simply a misunderstanding or a perceptive error, will lead her to chaotically enter the city with out a precise destination.
In the film, Florence appears to us in all its aesthetic glory, all thanks to Amanda and her tenacious desire to know and discover. The Ponte Vecchio and the river Arno, the Duomo, along with the alleyways and piazzas, reflect the mysterious charm of the night.
The stadium’s empty space will powerfully mark the writer’s return to her work, having finally freed herself from her inner ghosts.

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By experimentalfilmfestival

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