Short Film: FINE, 5min., USA, Music Video

Sometimes no is enough without having to explain the story of why. This video embodies and presents as many depictions of “no” as possible. It abandons linear narratives to embrace the abstraction & unpredictability uncovered when exploring the world of a sentiment/feeling. Many iconic “revenge/breakup” music videos starring women, portray these women as unhinged, crazy, and even demonic. It was essential that this NOT be the case in ‘Fine.’ In ‘Fine,’ the women are unchangingly grounded, empowered, and sane as they wreak destruction in order to tell the man who brought trauma/pain upon them “no.” The symbols of this man (his apologetic gifts, the infantilized submissive school-girl-esque image of women he finds ideal, the surrealist box-world he has trapped them in) are the catalysts for the unhinged/creepy/horrific tone of this suffocating-box world, not the women.

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Director Biography – Emma Scotson, Valen-Marie Santos

Emma Scotson (Co-Director) is a New York based songwriter, actor, and director. She is in a musical duo with singer Stella Katherine Cole; Emma writes and Stella sings. They recently released two singles with GRAMMY-award winning producer Dave O’Donnell. Their latest and first ever music video ‘Fine’ is also Emma’s directorial debut. Stella and Emma co-conceptualized, starred in, produced, and ran the entire process of this video — even as first time filmmakers.

Valen-Marie Santos (Co-Director) is a Chicago based director, writer, and actor who recently graduated from Northwestern University. As a storyteller, her work often centers women, young people, and the Latinx experience. Her most recent film project is “Using Protection” a four-episode comedic web series about college students amidst the pandemic which she co-directed and co-wrote. Her theatrical directing credits include “Hookman” by Lauren Yee and “we are no longer accepting your feedback.”, an interactive, multi-media experience in the form of a website. Her play “National Merit” is set to have its world premiere production in 2022.


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