Short Film: MIMI OZ STAR 111, 6min., USA, Music Video

Music video by the recording artist Mimi Oz that features dancers and her solo performance on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Director Biography – Scott Mason

Scott Mason went from studying classical style painting in NYC to a filmmaker by happenstance. Sonny Quinn, a filmmaker from Columbia University, was following Scott’s uncle and mentor, Frank Mason, around New York to complete his Post Graduate degree. He invited Scott to become the producer of what became the feature length documentary film “A Light in the Dark: The Art and Life of Frank Mason”.

Toward the completion of the documentary Scott moved to San Francisco and soon started his second video production company, Oct28 Productions, with partner, Ina Maria. They began working with artist, musicians, culinary chefs, sports teams and non-profit organizations to create short format videos.

When Scott moved back to NYC he started producing more arthouse films and music videos that ranged from the ridiculous to larger than life (literally with Baby Shakes Cause a Scene). He met Mimi Oz in 2020 just before the pandemic. When NYC shut down Mimi and Scott came up with a concept that would be responsible and safe, deciding to have a very limited crew and a minimal amount of people on camera. They arrived at a concept for Mimi’s song, Star 111, by recruiting professional New York dancers, Gabrielle Malone and Andrew Robinson, who are a couple. Through their powerful choreography and a rarely documented barren Brooklyn Bridge, Mimi’s lyrics that focus on issues of safety, intimacy and vulnerability are visually realized.


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Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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