Short Film: TUSALIH – A JOUYR TALE, 9min., France, Dance

What would your emotional body say to you, if you would have decided to cut your links with him in order to survive in a toxic environment ?

Tusalih is a dance film directed by Shaun Bui, in collaboration with Parisian designer Georgie Salama and creative studio Jayah Studio.

It tells the story of the reconciliation of a young woman and her emotional body, interpreted by Stencia Yambogaza and Germain Zambi, combining contemporary dance and Krump.

Many people decide to cut themselves from their emotions, becoming tough and keeping buried inside their feelings.

Director Shaun Bui says that the first step of self healing from our traumas, is to recognize and to listen to what our emotions are saying, to become vulnerable and honest with ourselves.

All the music was composed by GVLVXY a French producers group.

Credits :

Director : Shaun Bui
DOP : Axel Lauhon
Designer & stylist : Georgie Salama
Steadicam operator : Sacha Naceri
1st camera assistant : Serge Samo
2nd camera assistant : Carl Patisson
Sound assistant : Alessio Laget
Creative Studio & production : Jayah Studio
Assistant producer : Elliott Didier
Dancers : Stencia Yambogaza, Germain Zambi, Otto Booh-mbog, Sarha Ehfar, Ludovica Moccia, Christopher Louis , Adèle Carré, Shane Santanastasio, Yvon Bouba
Music composition : GVLVXY / Eddy Augustin, Curtis Roussi, Shaun Bui, Jefferson Roussi, Anthony, Sebastian Laurence.
Creative consulting : Shauni Ahouma, Adam Nestoret — Puyon
Assistant stylist : Hichem Souarit
MUAH : Sofiane Khaliss, Swan Arnaud
Editing : Barnabe Zocchetti, Shaun Bui
Colorgrading : Axel Lauhon

Many thanks to Franck Tepe.

Director Biography – Shaun Bui

Shaun Bui defines himself as a creative more than anything.
Film director, photographer, choreographer, artistic director, Shaun is one of these multi artists that fed his vision through many disciplines.
Shaun brings to the table a specific touch between movement, images and music, harmonized through powerful and poetic ideas.
He founded the creative direction studio Jayah Studio in 2020 and is also a member of GVLVXY, a music composer collective.

Director Statement:

I like to create from a vulnerable place, no matter the kind of project. I don’t want to close myself to only one specific discipline, I believe everything I do gives ressources to the other kind of art I’m passionate about.

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