Short Film: HOW WE LIVE, 15min., USA, Dance

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After cataclysmic events decimate the human population, the survivors build new ways of living and remembering. Alone and adrift, a woman journeys to a memorial for those lost, and in doing so, finds what she needs most.

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Director Biography – Rachel Slater, Suzanne Chi

Muddy Feet Contemporary Dance was founded by Suzanne Chi and Rachel Slater in the fall of 2014. The Portland-based company produces both live dance performance and dance film. Our first film, “Unfolding”, a collaboration with SubRosa Dance Collective and director Dylan Wilbur, has been seen by audiences at festivals across the globe. In 2020, Muddy Feet shot its third independently created dance film, “how we live”, which was entirely created and shot during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Director Statement

After Muddy Feet’s live performance in 2020 was placed on permanent hold due to COVID-19, we felt the need to pivot; to capture the singular moment in which we were living. On one hand, we felt the gravity and frustration of loss. Simultaneously, the pull towards a place where togetherness still prevailed was paramount. We want to acknowledge the deepest appreciation for our collaborators in-front-of and behind the camera, who trusted us to navigate through the unfamiliar waters of art-making during Covid-19.

Filmed both in the Portland, Oregon metro area, and the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, ‘how we live’ is our third dance film. The Stonehenge Memorial is a full-scale replica of the Neolithic structure, and serves as a World War I memorial for soldiers from the local area.


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