Musical: FLANEUR, 9min., China

Directed by Wanqiu Oneness Zeng
One rundown township, one fateful night. On an adventure detached from time and space, two restless teenagers, one of them lives.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

Director Biography – Wanqiu Oneness Zeng

Zeng Wanqiu is a visual artist and director who is originally from China and currently living in Hong Kong. She completed a Master of Arts in Chinese Linguistics from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2014 and now studying MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise at UAL. Zeng’s work melds traditional oriental aesthetics with western art techniques in a growing modern context. Deeply rooted in her personal history, Wanqiu Zeng’s work focuses on self-identity, cultural memory, and the sense of belonging.
2017, Director, Still Silence, Experimental Documentary, the Hong Kong Documentary Initiative Grant.
2020, āgantu-kleśa, Exhibition, the Hong Kong International Photo festival
2021, Set Production, All the Crows in the World, Short Film, Short Film Festival De Cannes
2021, Director, Nightcreeps, MV, Director, nominated as MV of the Year, The Golden Melody Award

Director Statement

These “Flaneurs” are a microcosm of the restlessness of the despondent townships of today.
They are an anomaly in the values system in the traditional framework.
But they have their sense of order.
They become detached observers.
They are free. And that is important.


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