Short Film: COR, 5min., France, Dance

Directed by SimonaGun aka, Nicolas Simon, Virna Hagen Auvergne
Cor is a choreographic film shot in Lanzarote that features a tribe of enigmatic dancers with faces marked with symbols ready to pluck the sky. In a frantic race towards elsewhere, they will unite in a trance that will allow them to leave a form of reality. This trance is like a heartbeat and a jerky breath. This lung is the engine that gives the impulse to “the unhooked jump” to leave only bodies and cries.

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Director Biography – SimonaGun aka, Nicolas Simon, Virna Hagen Auvergne


A fiery and enigmatic duo, SimonaGun is the contraction of Nicolas Simon and Virna Hagen. SimonaGun has symbolically become a superheroine borrowed from the codes of anime, a strong and combative woman in an era where men are too often king. Behind this duo is a creative unit that shapes new images. Short, hard-hitting films where music remains the central element. They like raw images, wide shots, broken faces, real life, fat sounds with an acid taste. As if magnetised, they know that together, like the moon and the sun, the balance works. He is the right brain of the team, a true image technician and masters the noble art of craft with ingenuity. She builds the stories, imposes a vision and new characters that finally illustrate the “real life” generation. An obvious alliance that has already seduced brands such as Adidas, Garnier and Netflix. This common taste for the plan, the cause, the history and the subject, forges great ambitions for this duo which leads them straight to Mès Lesne and it is together that they work on their first common artistic project: COR.

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