Short Film: DISPLACED, 3min., Australia

Directed by Daniela Zambrano
The concept of this visual composition is to convey the audience into a parallel reality or dream state.
However, it is not about the romanticism of a dream, but rather a scenario of not wanting to wake up and return to a sad and painful reality. The dream is an escape from the reality of waking up without a home, the reality of feeling homeless, of not having your place in the world.

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The world of the 21st century suffers from a cruel, forced migration. When we are supposed to live in a “modern” and “understanding” world, the reality is that we live in a world in which human rights are not respected.

It is a false utopia that is overwhelming if we start to think of how to resolve individually – we are talking about entire governments, chains of power, and laws that seem impossible to change. But, nevertheless, if we can each contribute just a grain of sand, perhaps, we would be able to accomplish something together, as one suffering humanity, in which the pain of others is our own pain.

Did you know that there are 26.4 million refugees globally and that half of the world’s refugees are children? Some 85% of refugees are being hosted in developing countries while wealthier countries turn a blind eye in doing their part to protect these people who have been forced to leave everything behind.

Unfortunately, it is an everyday reality that we continue to fail in a non-existent fight for the wellbeing and happiness of our fellow man. Why is it that we close our eyes rather than reach out a helping hand? Have we lost our sense of being human, have we become so cold and selfish? The power of iniquity, the evil of our times?

Thus, the concept for ‘Displaced’ was born, in counter to this indifference. A dance creation, using improvisation as a resource in order to obtain free movements that in this case arose from a feeling of uncertainty, powerlessness, need and empathy with the real experiences of others, people that only have two options: survive or die.

Opposing movements and gestures are the basis of this composition, those that suggest peace and despair, pain and hope. Static movements that want to express the power of being rooted in our homelands, and the feeling that is provoked by being forced to leave them. A silenced cry, which wants to communicate to us: “I will not let myself be drowned in the land, solid ground and I will be free”.

Therefore, in contrary to all these questions, the concept of ‘displaced’ was born. A dance creation, in which the movements of freedom are the result of improvisations that arose at the time of dancing, and as an artist and dancer to be able to express those feelings of uncertainty, powerlessness, need and desire for empathy with the real experiences of others.

“We cannot heal the world today, but we can start with a voice of compassion, a heart of love, and an act of kindness.” Mary Davis

Director Biography

Daniela came to the world to create and share her art with you. A choreographic director and dancer specializing in contemporary dance, she began her career as a professional dancer in the National Ballet of Colombia with whom she formed her art for three years before graduating from the Superior Academy of Arts, Bogotá, Colombia in 2014.

As an interpreter, Daniela stands out through her versatility – commanding knowledge of dance forms including afro, urban, and contemporary dance.
She has participated in international festivals in Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Malaysia, England and Australia and continues developing a deep physical and theoretical investigation of contemporary and urban dance techniques to complement her creations.

As Choreographic Director of Plonova Dance, Daniela has created and presented a number of works each with different dramatic formats where theatre also plays a fundamental role in the scene along-side dance. As a choreographer she is impassioned to talk about real life issues, experiences, and situations through the medium of dance and she enriches her life by sharing her art. Her most recent choreographic work ‘Borderlines’ was presented at the Hong Kong International Choreography Festival (June 2019), and ‘Shapes & Shadows’ at the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre in Sydney (September 2019). In 2020-2021 under a challenging climate for artists and performers she has continued creating works using audio-visual formats to express her message to the audience.

Director Statement

“I see dance as such a powerful, free and communicative art form where one can use movements to inspire such a range of emotions and thoughts and transport us to another state. For me there is no art better than the art you create yourself.”


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