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ELIXIR, 10min,. Canada
Directed by Jean-Marc Abela
After the recent break up of a longterm relationship, Maeve must move through nostalgia and pain to find herself again.

WE DANCE, 12min., USA
Directed by Ethan Payne, Brian Foster
From the world renowned Wideman-Davis Dance Company and award-winning filmmakers Ethan Payne and Brian Foster, We Dance is a love story, deconstructed and distilled into its most elemental ingredients. Dreams. Memories. Family. And environments. Tanya Wideman-Davis and Thaddeus Davis take us from Chicago to Montgomery, from New York to the point where their lives meet and become one. Along the way, they honor and signify on Black American art, poetry, and literature. They offer commentary on the importance of movement and migration to Black American identity, lived experience, and consciousness. And they show how all of our stories are kept, in the places we’ve been, and in the food we eat, and in the dreams that we so steadfastly chase.

LA GALERIE, 11min., Canada
Directed by Loup-William Th�berge
During a nighttime visit to a museum, an unforeseen connection between a woman and a painting triggers an unexpected journey between the real and the unreal.

THINGS SHE WANTS, 3min., Canada
Directed by Kevin Andrew Heslop
An interpretation of the prose poem by Paola Ferrante which explodes marriage and explores the lived experience of intimate partner violence.

Directed by Sarah Konner, Austin Selden
A dance horror fairytale. Inside an imaginative queer colorful landscape is space to consider how violent actions are passed from one to another, how different versions of ourselves create our stories, and what natural landscapes may be trying to teach us in post-capitalist worlds. Infatuation with pleasure both leads to depth of experience and connection, but potentially also a loss of connection with the beings and world around us.


By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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