Watch Today’s Festival: MUSIC Shorts Film Festival (Films from 8 different countries)

Watch the Festival Today:

A showcase of the best MUSIC based shorts from around the world today. Films from Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland.

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See the Full Lineup of Films:

FASTER, 5min., Russia, Music
Directed by Arina Rozova
The story is about a girl who is in the eternal pursuit of success and status. Work brings her money, sports – a beautiful body, parties – avoiding loneliness. Alcohol, drugs, strange men…All in a circle. Maybe it’s time to stop?

I DON’T SMOKE AND I DON’T DRINK, 3min., Hong Kong, Music Video
Directed by Tyson Yoshi
As a singer-songwriter, TYSON said that due to his appearance, style, and tattoos on his body, people generally gave him the image of a bad boy early on. With this new song, he personally explained that he usually does not smoke, and in fact, the last time was drunk was in 2019 because he is intolerant to alcohol. Therefore, as the song’s title – he “don’t smoke, and don’t drink”. Also express he have a lot of enthusiasm for doing GYM, hoping the public gaze will not judge others’ based on their appearance.

KITOR – INNOCENCE, 4min., Israel, Music Video
Directed by Benjamin Esterlis
A lone woman deals with her inner demons in a world of secrets, magic & steam.

PARFAITE, 3min., Switzerland, Music Video
Directed by Blaise Villars
Music Video of June Milo’s single titled PARFAITE.

SPEAKING OF SILENCE, 12min., Canada, Drama
Directed by Colin Williams
Before a musician performs live, the sounds of their own song must be heard head-on when love and time cross paths.

DANCING RHYTHM LIFE, 4min., Australia, Music Video
Directed by Peter C. Downey
Dancing is the love of your life
dancing’s what’s helped you to survive
dancing is your meditation
everybody’s dancing

O, 10min., France, Music
Directed by Fabien Legeron
Locked in since ever, exiled forever – In the in-between of anywhere, a form wanders aimlessly, cut from any companionship or hope.
What will be the meaning of finally being freed ?

OH MY NIGHT, 25min., Netherlands, Music Video
Directed by Isis Mihrimah Cabolet
Short pop musical about a kaleidoscopic journey through the night. Inspired by the closure of nightlife as a result of Covid lockdowns.

IF I DIE TONIGHT, 4min., Hong Kong, Music Video
Directed by The 11th
The new song MV starts with TY dying unexpectedly in his great house. Through the investigation process of the detective, played by Chu Pak Him, it was found that the fiancee, played by Hedwig Tam and Tony Ho, played the Butler. They are suspicious related to the death of TY. The two denied that they were involved in the incident. Hedwig Tam, his fiancee, dropped her tears during the investigation and even put on the engagement ring prepared by TY at the funeral; Butler stated he was not at the crime scene. The truth of TY’s death will be exposed, and the end of the scene foreshadows the following episode.


By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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